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Round Robin 12 VOTING

Oh my, I am really sorry for posting this voting thread very very late. I've been very busy lately, school just started two weeks ago and its already eating so much of my time T_T

Anyways, the theme was:

"With monarchy, extravagance is a must. They always put on a proper display when addressing any audience. Draw a character as if they were royalty, indulging in lavish attire only ridiculous wealth can yield. Modify their costumes to represent their new-found heritage."

So here are our entries:


Voting Ends on June 18, Monday at 9:00am GMT

Good luck :D

Please pin this thread, thanks :)

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They're all great, but my vote is going to Rockfall. It's just such a clever design.

Also, if I may, Blizzaga's character has such a fantastic look on her face. Matches the tone of the contest so well.

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Blizaga101 - Just nailed this one!

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I would like to vote for Rockfall aswell as he definetely gave Gambit a royal flare whilst maintaining a very familiar costume. Good job :P

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Congratulation to for winning this Round Robin :D

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@PoachedPig: thanks! I'll get started on the next one soon