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Great contests guys n’ gals, amazing turn-out with so much original styles and skills. One of my favourites RRs period :P

Ok so here comes the difficult part ... where we choose a winner :/

Names of artists and characters will be written underneath each image

ZZoMBiE13-Black Lantern-Thanos
PoachedPig-Indigo Lantern-Raven
RockFall-Orange Lantern-Loki
payno-Red Lantern-Hulk
skillin villin-Red Lantern-Tank Girl
Gambit1024-Various Lanterns-Fantastic Four
KEROGA-Various Lanterns-The Watchmen
Tonis-Various Lanterns-X-Men
Blizaga101-Violet Lantern-Elektra
LordRequiem-Yellow Lantern-Sentry
Xmen_forever-Yellow Lantern-Magneto

Lets get the voting on a roll, ill give the voting period three days cause its such a large mix. Good Luck everyone :P

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Ill start it off, tough decision, but gotta go with ZZombiee,

RockFall was on the tip of my keyboard though. Loved all of them to be honest :P

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hey could you pin this please, or whatever its called thanks :D

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@Xmen_forever said:


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I would've never have thought to have done the Watchmen. Very creative.

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Tonis. The sheer effort alone warrants a congratulations.

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skillin villin-Red Lantern-Tank Girl

Loves me some Tank Girl. I'd have never even considered her for a Lantern corp. That is a pretty inspired choice.

This was one of the toughest ones to pick though. There is no bad design in this bunch. I'm tempted to suggest making this a contest unto itself. Each week pick a new Lantern Corp and let the artists run with it.

I'm honored to be a part of such a creative and talented community. You guys make me want to do better work. So thanks for that.

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Poached Pig

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very slick going with the Watchmen :)

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PoachedPig, no doubt about it guys

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Wow this is hard...


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that picture is just amazing!

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ok voting is now closed and i congradulate for their win. now youve just got to choose any other viner and collabrate an idea for the next contest :P

great contest guys cant wait for the next

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