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@Sky_Jokiel: hahaha nice.
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@gunjin: Thanks!
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@jennifermontes: Amazing!
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@gunjin: Thanks :D 
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Arsene Lupin.
After the murder of his dearest Raymonde at the hands of his rival Sherlock Holmes, a grieving Lupin fled the cliffs of Etretat and went into hiding.  In his time of mourning, thoughts of vengeance and regret polluted the thief's ever-active mind.  He wanted the English detective to feel his pain but as a gentleman refused to stoop to the level of brutality his nemesis had.  A decision was reached and the once untouchable phantom thief walked away from his life of crime to pursue a new career as an indomitable vigilante in London.  He would beat Holmes at his own game and attack him where it hurt the most--his ego.
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@M.S. Feather: that fill pattern is really cool. (damn longer i been on this site, the less adjectives feel appropriate for conversation) is it custom? also still dig your choice to not remove paper texture.
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@M.S. Feather: ahhh, to attack a man's ego, dastardly indeed :)

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@M.S. Feather: Thank You. I like it. Nice job.

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Nice work M.S. Feather!

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@IcePrince_X: @Decept-O: @tonis: Thank you. ^^'
@gunjin: This was my first time using a Photoshop pattern so I'm glad you think it turned out well. Unfortunately it's not a custom one however, I'm not sure I would have the patience to create a seamless design like that. :P
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With a thunderous crash, The last of the Omega Society fell….save the Iron Mask. As the collective of heroes approached, Mask frantically flipped switches and pulled levers, a madman’s last gamble. Bursting through the door with his atomic might, Atoman was the first to confront the villainous Mask.

“Alright Iron Mask, hands where I can see them….” He shouted as the other heroes flooded the room.

“Very well heroes, but you may want to gaze upon …..THIS!” The Iron Mask unveiled a large screen showing the people of the world subjugated under his tyrannical rule.   His armies were shown marching across the world toppling governments and destroying the world’s heroes. “Stop me if you like, but I have already sent my Maskoids into the future using my Paradox Platform! I will win in the end! AHAH HA HA HA!”

“Smasher….” Atoman said turning to Spy Smasher. “Is he telling the truth?”

Spy Smasher raced over to the controls. A dire expression fell across his face…”It….it is true, as far as I can tell…”

“Smasher, can you send us into the future? “

“Possibly, but not all of us…..”

Atoman turned to the assembled heroes , “I need volunteers to come with me. I don’t know if we’ll make it back….I’m not sure we’ll survive.   We cannot let the world fall to the Iron Mask. “ Many heroes stepped onto the platform with Atoman. Spy Smasher threw the switch and lept onto the platform in the nick of time, and in an instant the heroes were gone.

The Iron Mask howled in delight. “Settle down mister, why are you so happy, you won’t see the daylight for a hundred years!” yelled The War Nurse.

“Oh my dear, those do-gooders fell into my trap! “ cackled the Mask. “They thought I was conquering the future! What they didn’t know is that while the Paradox Platform sends you to the future, it wipes away your memories ! They could end up leading normal lives or even become villains! But they can never return! Muh Hah Hah Hah!!”

FAST FORWARD 61 years to 2011:

Danny Chang was working his normal job on the telephone pole. Out of nowhere, a storm hit. Danny was struck by lightning and taken to the hospital. When he awoke, he looked at himself and felt something wasn’t right. Looking at his wallet his ID said Danny Chang, but he knew he was the Spy Smasher! He looked into the mirror and saw Danny Chang’s face. It started coming back to him bit by bit. The Iron Mask had double-crossed them and led them into a trap. Where were the others? How was he going to find them? And worse of all….how were they going to stop the Iron Mask!?!

To Be Continued……


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@FrischDVH: Wow !! Cool designs!!
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@FrischDVH: Way to go above and beyond the call of duty!
I really dig your Spy Smasher redesign.
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Voting Thread starting in a bit. Thanks to all who entered and commented on this contest. I sincerely hope the Round Robin Contests continues. Remember, the winning artist decides which Comic Viner will choose the next Round Robin Contest and that winning Viner will decide the subject as well as all relevant rules.

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Just wanted to add here so artists know, when you win a round of the Round Robin Contest, please notify your Comic Vine member of choice and give him or her 3-5 days to reply and start the next contest. If the person you choose doesn't reply within that time period, then I say start the next contest theme yourself. Thanks!