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Earth-1610 Ultimate

Remember my first ever "Recent Drawings" post? It showcased what I think would creep into Ultimate Gwen Stacy's nightmares. The same way I think that the Carnage/Venom creature that appeared in Ultimate Spider-Man #128 must haunt Gwen, I figured that Doc Ock would haunt Jessica Drew.

I think it was issue #103 where Otto Octavius was revealed as the man responsible for the Clone Saga in the Ultimate Universe. There Jessica Drew learned about herself and the reality behind her birth. Now Jessica is the only part of Peter Parker that is left in this universe and even though the eight-legged doctor was killed by the Green Goblin I believe that he would still haunt her nightmares.

So I guess that explains the purpose of the drawing. Sadly I don't color or ink so the full scope can not be seen. The idea is for Spider-Woman to be in the dark as the tentacles and the glasses only creep out from behind... Of course if anyone wants to tackle this with some awesome colors I wouldn't mind! :)

Let me know what you think!

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nice work.

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Is that supposed to be a joke...?

Update: Is that supposed to be a joke, by the way? Just curious, y` know...

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I love the glasses. Nice work in general, too.

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@Billy Batson: @Renchamp: Thank you! :)

@ReVamp: Nephew? lol! jk I know what you meant. Thanks.

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: I... don't understand..?

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@sora_thekey: Defining Niece:

When the word Nice is too dirty to use due to the fact that it does not accurately describe the sentiment that if felt, thus one has to censor the word nice, much like how on censors the word sh*t to add an 'e'. Thus, becoming Niece. Or Nieeeeeece.

Don't know what came over me, just one of those moments.

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@ReVamp: Clever! I like that!