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@sora_thekey: have I mentioned how much I love your Disney stuff :)

double cheers for scanning loads of these in, good man.

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@tonis: Glad you liked it. Since you were nice enough to leave me a comment I think I shall reward that with more drawings:

Ariel Amalgam

I already showcased this drawing in one of the Amalgam Contests [link] before but I re-scanned this so that you get a better look at it.

I actually liked how this came out. I mentioned before I am not big on “action shots” but this was not as bad as I thought it would be. I can’t really say that I am in love with how the hair came out though. One of the best things about drawing Ariel/The Little Mermaid (or whatever other incarnation of her) is the hair. As a fan of “hair” I can’t really say I captured how hair would behave under water, it actually seems to fit better as how it would act with air. Oh well! I am definitely my own worst critic.

Polaris & GIR

I know I posted this one already but this is re-scanned...

I made this for an Artist Show-Off Showdown contest [link]. There was an ongoing gag that the participants began to have in incorporating fictional robots that Polaris could manipulate like C-3PO from Star Wars and Bender from Futurama.

I wanted to follow this gag by doing something similar but most of the famous robots were taken. I was going to go with Pixar’s Wall-E but the contest rules required that Polaris destroyed or constructed a robot and I didn’t want to break apart the cutest robot in the universe! I did sketch out an idea of Polaris helping Wall-E re-attach his arm but it required a lot of detail which I was not going to be able to include before the deadline (and yet I didn't make the deadline anyways). After thinking about it for a while I remembered GIR from Invader Zim. He’s probably the simplest design for a Robot and being torn apart would only add to the comedic aspect of the character. So I came up with what you see now!


I need to work on my “supernatural creature” skills. This was an attempt at creating my own monster. As you can see I need to practice more. This is not scary and for some reason I keep picturing parts of it purple… o_O

New 52: Superman Sketch

Not much to say about this one. You can’t really make the drawing out because I didn’t even advance from the early stage of the piece. I didn’t really have a point of reference so it’s not even accurate. Oh well!

Gwen Stacy Inks

You all know my favorite character is Gwen right? Well this is me practicing some inks with my favorite girl in the Spider-Man “funny pages”. Not a favorite of mine, it seems you can’t do much with a pen. That or I just need a lot of practice (most likely the second one).

Sirens Sketch

This is just another (unfinished) sketch. I was reading Batman: Hush (Which, opposed to popular opinion, I quite enjoyed) and seeing the Gotham City Sirens stir trouble for The Dark Knight made me want to draw them. Of course I began with Poison Ivy then Catwoman and found a place for Harley. Not my best, not my worst but still something I wanted to share with you all.

(There's more to come)

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@sora_thekey: ooo, that Sirens grabs the attention quick, very nice job. :)

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I edited the original post! Three new "Recent Drawings" blogs have been added!

@tonis: Since you like my Disney stuff you should definitely take a look at the Rapunzel one!

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I edited the original post! A bunch of <NEW> "Recent Drawings" blogs have been added!

Check them out!

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Awesome work as always Sora. :)

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@Icarusflies: Thanks Icarus!

Here's another batch of drawings:

Pokemon Battle: Ninetails vs Magnamite

I mentioned before that my creature/monster drawing needed work. I am not all that great at creating monsters myself but I thought that it would be cool to re-image some that already exist. I'm sure everyone here is familiar with Pokemon. I made Ninetails a bit more realistic than it's anime counterpart.

Hope this came out okay.


Don't ask. This is just something I thought up... I thought it would be fun to draw. Not to keen on the results but here it is!

A Butterfly's Hope

I have a story going around in my head that I would like to tell one day. For now I leave you with this...

I don't know if you can tell that the wings are just splattered on the wall behind her but that is what I was trying to achieve here. I hope you like this, it's simple, I know, but I liked it.


I wanted to draw an angel (Non-X-Men) for sometime now. I finally got around to it and came up with this random angel.

Anime Vice's for Japan

This is Anime Vice's mascot and I drew this right after the catastrophe that hit Japan. Sadly I didn't scan this then to show you guys but here it is now.

Hope you all liked it

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@sora_thekey: angels & butterflies, oh my :)

beautiful additions to the collection

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Great job! You really love Disney and Marvel. (It's my first time looking at your art)

I wish Comic Vine's white background is easy on the eyes because those sketches done by pencil are hard to see. I click on the links for later.

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tonis: Thank you

@takashichea: Glad you liked them. I don't do colors that much so I'm sorry it's hard to see my pencils. Check out my "Recent Drawings" blogs there's more to see there. Plus I have a couple more drawings I need to post.

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My newest batch of drawings:

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Bumpage per request!

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More Disney!

Maleficent Redesign

I was watching Once Upon a Time and had the urge to draw Maleficent (because I didn't like how she looked in the show). I do have to admit something though... This was sort of cheating off of J. Scott Cambell's The EVIL Queen piece. I was being lazy so I used it as a reference. Still I used the Disney Maleficent as a starting point and went from there to create this whole new look for her. My favorite part is the staff alluding to her dragon... personality.

"At Last I See The Light in A Whole New World"

Here's a bit of a Disney crossover... As you can probably tell by now, I love Tangled (especially Pascal). I also love Aladdin and I thought this would be a fun thing to draw. Rapunzel stole the Magic Carpet to leave her tower... :P

This was one of my favorite to draw, hopefully you like it!


Quick sketch of Ariel.

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ASDFGHJKL I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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@The Dark Huntress: lol! Thank you! n_n

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Aerial's expression is so sweet, but so so sad...

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@xerox_kitty: Glad you liked that!

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My friend, Azzel Haruno, has been coloring some of my drawings for practice. I think they are looking great!

Thanks man!

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Martian Manhunter: This was originally meant for the Artist Show-Off Showdown #99 Contest... but I didn't get it scanned on time. So I just postponed the uploading until now.
Through the Looking Glass: I've been getting real obsessed with Alice in Wonderland lately (wait 'till I show you the other one I finished) and I just thought this would be a funny gag.

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@godofart: Thanks. Hopefully you can see some progression over the time I started posting my drawings here on the site.

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Here's another one...

I made this one for my friend Azzel Haruno. His girlfriend, at the time, likes Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh a lot and he loves Eevee from Pokemon. So I drew him this and he later colored it.

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Going through this thread, it's great seeing how you branched off to shading and playing with inks but wow -- that last image (and your friend's colouring of it) is amazing.

I can't believe I haven't seen this thread before. Your love for Disney definitely shines through. :)