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An example of what I think is "a really cool Alice in Wonderland drawing"

Hi there! It's been a while... I finally got a chance to scan some of my most recent works and I'm pretty excited about this one in particular.

For some reason I've become a bit obsessed with Alice in Wonderland lately. Not exactly the Disney version but just the concept in general. So one day I decided to do "a really cool Alice in Wonderland drawing" (yes, that's how I said it in my head).

The unfinished "First Try"

So I begun drawing what I thought was a decent job, but a prank by my co-workers that involved doodles on the work in progress disencouraged my ability to continue (the unfinished work is on the left). So after getting over it I started anew and came up with what you can see below.

As you can tell, I did a bit of redesigning to the characters. I wanted Mad Hatter to look mad, but not exactly "unatractive". In the case of Alice, I aged her a bit but hopefully she can still be considered a child. Her outfit was modernized a bit. The mushrooms, well that's just an inside joke with me because I HATE mushrooms, drawing so many of them just made me sick. Hehe...

Please tell me what you think? Usually I get a lot of comments about how it should be colored; I'll say it now, I don't know how to color. I wish I did, but since I can't anyone is free to give it a go.

Also, adding to the Wonderland craze I made another drawing of Alice called "Through the Looking Glass". Check it out here.

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Nice pics ;)

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Geo did you intentionally make your Mad Hatter look like Matt Smith wearing Patrick Troughton's Doctor's outfit? Any way cool art!

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Those look really good. You could make a little comic.

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@awesam: Thanks! I would love to do comics. I just need the time to do it.

@damswedon: Just googled it ... Wow! I totally didn't realize I drew Matt Smith's look-a-like! That's pretty awesome.

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Nice of your co-workers to do that...= P

Hmmm...I don`t think he looks mad. Quirky? Yes.

Good one.

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: You have no idea how mad I was when they did that. You can't see it on the one I posted because I did my best in erasing it but it was bad...

I can work with quirky...

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I know what you mean.

Good. Because I hear that a guy named quirky will be working with you. But beware...he`s not quirky at all. Very serious dude, actually.

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Very solid works sora_thekey!

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I adore all things Alice in Wonderland related -- and these are great. I like having the Mad Hatter be somewhat younger than he is usually depicted (he looks that way to me in your drawings) and not for anything, I really like your facial expressions (this includes your other drawings in your art thread).

Hopefully you will branch into colouring though -- I think you would be great at it.

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@lykopis: I would love to do that, but I have no time to dedicate it to learning how to color. I really really really should! Thanks for the compliments though.