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This is probably the most complicated “Art Blog” I will ever write (‘till now).

Ever since Marvel’s Ultimate Comics’ relaunch announcement I have wanted to draw something that applies with the announcement. I decided who better to draw than the only constant character in the Ultimate U that I like, Kitty Pryde (It used to be Peter Parker but as you probably already know, died).

First Try

I decided to draw a simple “profile” image of her at first (Left) with her Shroud alter ego. The problem with this is that it was too boring and as I was drawing it I realized I got the proportions wrong. Other the anatomic errors there was not much that seemed “wrong” with this approach but it was still not what I wanted. (Of course I don’t want to get into the errors in the wardrobe area.)

Second Try

After this I went with an action scene. I have always wanted to see Kitty phase up through the floor and punch someone in the face. I decided to try that but I failed. I have mentioned before that I am not good at action shots. In the end the drawing looked too posed (Right), definitely not what I wanted to achieve. As for who she was punching, you can’t really tell because the scanner didn’t get my light pencils but it was originally going to be Sandman.

Once again I attempted my favorite femme fatal in the 1610 universe. This one actually was the best out of them all. This is also the one with the most potential of getting finished. In another attempt to do an action scene I decided to draw Kitty jumping down through the floor. I thought this would be interesting especially because of the movement of her shroud (Left). I liked it; I still do but half way working on this I realized that a drawing of just her was pretty boring. So I dropped this and decided to add more characters. Of course, the man of the hour is Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man so I decided to add him.

Third Try
Fourth Try

Then again adding more characters didn’t prove all that productive in the end. I mentioned once that adding more that two characters to a drawing is very complicated for me. The next attempt was not all that bad. I went with another action pose. I started with three characters: Kitty Pryde, Spider-Man and Hawkeye. Problem was that my organization was so bad that the characters were lost amongst each other, so I dropped Clint (or rather, erased him). As I was completing the drawing I realized that now the piece was unbalanced because there was a huge gap where Hawkeye used to be. The drawing ended up as another failure even though I liked the action poses for Kitty and Spider-Man (Right). I especially loved the flexibility that I accidentally achieved with Morales. Another problem with this one was that suddenly the character I wanted to draw stopped being the focus of the art and instead of sharing the spotlight she faded in the background. I still might finish this one too, but for the moment I gave up and decided to go another route.

After so many attempts I finally got an “acceptable” drawing. While I do like the final product (Below), I am a bit disappointed I was not able to achieve what I did with this one on another “action” piece. I guess I should face the fact that I am better with “pin up” style art than sequential art. As for the drawing itself, I used a simple pose for Miles. The challenge with him was his costume; even though I don’t color getting the (red) webbing on his costume was hard! Kitty Pryde now shares the spotlight, instead of fading in the background. I decided to have her hood on this time, something I didn’t do with the past ones because it added a darker air for her character and if you have been keeping up with her she is definitely in a darker place now. I also used Mark Bagley’s variant cover to Ultimate X-Men #1 as a reference for the costume’s accuracy. I really hope you all like this one because it took a really long time to get it “right”.

Give me your opinions please! :)

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Well done!! I find some of your other ones to be pretty good too and I think the first try was pretty good actually I don't really notice the anatomical problems as I have to face the same problems in my art every single time I draw but yeah for the most part all pretty good drawings Sora keep up the good work and I always enjoy looking at your pieces of art.

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Nice :) 


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@ComicCrazy: Thank you man! It means a lot! I am very critical of my art so the other ones didn't seem "right". Actually even now I don't think the final product was all that good, but it was the least... bad. Thanks again!

@Billy Batson: Thank you! :)

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Way cool dude! Way cool!! ;)

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Thank You!

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It looks really cool. I like your art style.

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It is pretty nice. All of them. Though I liked the ones where SM was getting the crap handed to him.

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@The Myth: @ReVamp: @StarKiller809: I'm really glad you ll liked it/them. Thanks!

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Nice work. I think your line work is improving at a great rate. I think this is one of my favs. The only critique is that I think spider-man's left leg (top of) goes a bit too far into his mid section. If it were a few millimeters shorter, I think it would look a little better. Overall, it's not that noticeable, but it feels to me that his leg goes all the way to his vertical/mid section instead of to his hip. Bottom/underneath of legs look fine. I really like it. Looking forward to seeing a few more drawings.

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@jamesewelch: Oh you're right about the leg! Thanks for pointing that out... and thanks for the compliments! :)

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what did you use. i guess it was pencils?
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@Blizaga101: Yes, just pencils! :)

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@sora_thekey: Wow, that's what all the art blogs should look like, really! It's great to see that you actually think your drawings trough. Also, my favourite is the third try for a very nice pose, but the final is pretty good, too :)
I understand your frustration. I think the best way to get things right without much re-drawing is to start with a really tiny sketch that shows only the vague composition/poses, and work from it
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Didn`t expect Miles M. to show up.

It`s a nice pic indeed.

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Love every single one of them. :)

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Glad this was bumped, it's awesome ^_^

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