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The subject of the Public Domain Re-Design Contest #25 was Dr. Skull.

Name of the artist below their respective entry.

Voting will go until October 25th, 2013 11:00 PM CST USA unless a tie occurs.









@shatterstar: @the_poet: If you have time could you please pin this voting thread?

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I like the effects of him being somewhat transparent, makes him even spookier.

Please click on the images to get a better view of them until a Mod can fix these for me. My apologies for the hassles!

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Pinned, voting for artiomq2w1, some great entries this round.

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I'm going with art10mq2w1

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DoomDoomDoom :)

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As it is 11:00 PM CST in USA, this contest voting is now closed.

It appears Viner art10mq2w1 has won this latest installment of the Public Domain Re-Design Contest featuring Dr. Skull with a total of 3 votes.

Thanks to all who participated with their art and those who took time to vote!

Agreed, plenty of great entries, a challenge to choose the winner but the Vine has spoken so it is up to art10mq2w1 to come up with the next contest.

Congrats to art10mq2w1 and I will contact him to let him know he won.

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