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Poll: Public Domain Contest #22 The Black Cat VOTING (32 votes)

wildcats25 38%
ARMIV2 25%
IcePrince_X 9%
RamsIllustrations 25%
artiom1q2w 3%

Great entries and a really good turnout.

Contest Voting will end on Sunday 4th at Midnight Central time.

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Hey Man, can you please pin, thanks a million in advance. :)

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Well I am kinda partial to my own, so please don't ask me since now you know what the answer is...JK ;P

There are some really good ones in the bunch for "shore"!

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Ah!!!, its another 3 way tie with a surprising and very close fourth! I cant decide! Why do you guys have to be such great artist???

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Wow, this one was hard voting.

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pretty easy one for me, RAMSILLUSTRATIONS!

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Just checked this thread out again.

Going to be interesting to see who wins what with the ties and so many good ones...

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You ARE the winner wildcats25!

Great entry,congrats. Your turn for the next round!

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thanks for voting for me guys. if its okay with you Rams, i'd love it if you (or someone else) pick the next round.

this also applies to the Costume Contest. thanks again!

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Hey Man congrats, entering these contests means you take on the responsibility of getting the next one started if you win, I know it's a pain and time consuming. I would love to help but I am a bit short on time and can only handle the ones I win.

I would send The Poet a message yourself and see what he can do or suggest. Great entries as always! :)