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I misbehaved so you wouldn't have to, today. Your welcome.

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Lol Win

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This is awesome haha
Marvel sucks

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- Damn, Psylocke looks like she has been having all day binges at the Golden Corral

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??? !

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Thanks. As you can tell, I am extremely excited about this event. It's as if...it's been etched into my brain, and I keep seeing " Buy AvX comics " in the blind spot of my vision. I can't really place why that is, but I know I'm so excited I want to view it from a projection beamed all over my own body so I not only get to read the event, but so I can BE the event.

Originally I was going to have Psylocke (the Psy-Ad Nauseum-Blade was the initial vision that stuck) fight Mayor McCheese in a Captain America costume (a metaphor for the United States fast food ideologically, ei: the quick production of something cheaply made that isn't very substantial, but it sells to the masses regardless due to being over present in the advertisement spotlight), but it didn't feel authentic to the actual ads, and Ms.Marvel popped in there as someone who they might actually have as her combatant. Carols eye is intentionally messed up as well, something I use in cartoons to show dementia and/or mental duress, added I was trying to give it a quick cheaply drawn feel with mistakes. Did I pull it off?

I thought how much I bash the ads for this release. Generally I'm optimistic and gracious about comics, or at least fair and subjective, even when it's in light of one disappointing event after another. I haven't been this time though (and wish to be spanked by the Marvel Bullpen for it), and i guess I feel the quality has not only become utterly predictable, but the ads themselves quite frankly look unprofessional. The go-to argument raised in my mind " Hey, if you can't make something equal or better, than you really don't have the right to knock it! ", and here I find myself, and I think I came close enough (the four minutes part is literal, and another thing that I did intentional. I gave myself a cut off to make a point), though I'll leave that at your discretion. If true, then the second question, if I can make something as good or better, than why should I go out and pay a professional for it? I'm really saddened by Marvel, and feel they can do better, and that they know to do better, and until then I'll be spending my time on event books that have an actual standard of quality represented in them, like IDW's Infestation 2 books, or Top Cows Artifacts, and not diminish my enjoyment of the craft with this AvX standard of shoddy workmanship. Sorry Marvel, you have your good works, but your big show should own up to it's name and the hype your throwing at us, not to be a constant let down. The fact that many of your best, or previous best are working on the aforementioned books and putting their A game up for those independent companies should at least give you people pause.

- end rant

@WarMachineMarkV said:

- Damn, Psylocke looks like she has been having all day binges at the Golden Corral

She's been prepping for this very picture by consuming a diet of Chibi Cola and various Pepperidge Farm offerings. Clearly the hardest working character comics, unswerving dedication.

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- Psylocks wantz more cheezburgers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I want this as a poster. On my wall. No... As a billboard!!! 

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Give me all of the cheeseburgers. All of them.

(This is cute. ^.^)

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* thinks about the actual event ads, rubs own temples *

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@CATPANEXE: This is work of true genius. Marvel: The house of pointless and stupid teasers to get you to buy mediocre events.

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@TheGreyOutcastX: Thank you. Yeah, I'm really tired of seeing the quality in big name books fly downhill one after the other, and the well done books blip into obscurity.

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@CATPANEXE: I am tired of that too. But it's Marvel so it's pointless to expect any different.

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I can see a trend in this :D