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my name is Andrew Henry ...i 'm an international published artist ...i got published by USA ,India,Egypt,Kingdom Saudia Arabia ..and many more other countries....what ever your story is fiction.. mystery.. thrill..crime ..super hero.. vigilanty ..historical ..horror ..romance ..i 'm your guy ...about my portfolio check out my artist showoff here on CV


and my original portfolio


you are welcome to reply here message me here ....but i prefer my own email


no worries my page rate is negotiable ..but i 'm on schedule ..so no time to think i have many dead lines till the start of 2013..i can accept a single project and barley two if i liked your script ..thanx for reading and thanx in advance .. i love you all .. :)

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sorry guys..couldn't access this account again ...so i created a new one ...feel free to contact me on the same email.. !!

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