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Here is a first look at Marvel NOW!'s Avengers #1 art by Jerome Opeña. If you ask me, I say this is some of the best artwork that I have seen in a very long time from any comic book. I love the attention to detail that the artist has placed in the entire picture. Jonathan Hickman is going to be the writer to helm this monster size series as he tries to juggle a cast of characters that is currently at a roster number of 18.

Sounds like Marvel has big plans for their new Marvel NOW! initiative. What do you guys think?


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Looks amazing.

And I'm so glad Hawkeye has adopted the more modern look. Not that I hated his old costume, it just never made sense to me why an archer would limit his line of sight with that big ol mask. The more soldier style design seems so much better to me. Loving all of this. :)