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Hi there.

Here's some pages and other images from my comic TDSA: The Teenaged Defending Squad of America. I swear it's not as cheesy as it sounds.

"The worst part of Jack Kempostowski and Lori Rosenbaum’s Day used to be homework, pep rallies, and parents. Now it’s fighting supervillains, taking down armored gangs, and stopping criminal masterminds from taking over the world.

Enter a world where superheroes are real. Where bank robbers shoot electricity from their fingertips and control minds. And where five teenagers band together to try and make sense of it all.

Welcome to the TDSA... hope you survive the experience!"

My comic (or graphic novel, if you'd like) is available through my website, tdsacomic.com, selected bookstores (both comic and otherwise) in the Hamilton, Ontario area, and digitally for IOS and Android tablets via the fantastic Lush Comics app. The first 60 pages (give or take) are also free to read on my TDSA facebook page. Hope you all like what you see.

Have a good day.

G Morrow

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Hi there again.
Here's a primer for TDSA that gives you the lowdown on all the heroes and villains and everyone in between:

For more info about TDSA and where to buy it, check out the official website at TDSAComic.com 

Have a good day. 
G Morrow
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I can't read these pages, but I'd love to get a rundown on everybody, it sounds great! Cheesy, as you said, but I'd still read it!