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This is a tribute to Power Girl, one of the best character of the DC Comics Universe. I've drawn, inked and colored her to improve my female anatomy with muscles. I find funny to have the possibility to work to this character (Anatomy) and I hope to can make more drawings about her. For the drawing I've used only 3 pencils (as always!), A 5H pencil for the initial rough, a 3H pencilfor the linees and for the shading, while an Hb2 pencil for redefinite the whole drawing. For thte inking i've used only a 0,5 China Pen. For the digital colors I've used the program Adobe Photoshop Cs4. It tooks about 1 hour. It was so funny to ink and to color her! I hope you like her!

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If I can make a suggestion... the pencils dont look right in the finished colored image. You could take them out completely, or replace them with shading (either inks or colors).

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This is very good! I'm not exactly an art expert, but it looks great to me.

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@WillPayton:Thanks Will!! :) Thanks for the suggestion, but it was only an exercise ^^

@Imagine_Man15: THanks!! I'm glad you like it!!^^