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Randy Cartier as XO womanowar [ fan art ]

here is another pin-up I did awhile on a whim because I remember seeing this character on an Valiant Trading card I had when I was Elementary school long ago

and I ate it up [ I nearly had the complete set as far as I can remember ....I remember the cards were the covers to their comics .I had an four or five XO manowar ones [ one featuring the lady before you of course ^_^ ] her card was an homage of XO Manowar [vol one] #5 by the Great Barry Windsor Smith , I had a Few Joe Quesada [penciled ] Jimmy Palmiotti [inks ] Solar Covers [ I had a card of Solar Number Fifteen ] it was the most awesome piece of art that my young mind thought was [ and still is ] the greatest short the solar cards were trippy and awesome at the same time .^_^ also lets what else here do I remember ..oh yeah I also had a few Random Harbinger Cards and a Few Shadowman ones too [ as A kid It was all too new to me ..the Valiant Universe namely ] but the art on the trading cards was amazing ...[ a little later on I remember getting an random issue of Solar in an Comic Book Three Pack ..the other comics in the pack were an Issue of Superman during the Reign of the Supermen Arc ... [ it was the Cyborg Superman /Hank Henshaw ] and it was the die cut cover too [ it was my favorite Superman comic at the time [ it was my first Introduction to Superman Comics ..odd right first true introduction to superman was the older movies and the Cartoons but I will save that story for another time [ Blog] anyways I fell in love with the old valiant universe [as they say first sight :D] but I always found the XO side of their universe at that time as Pretty fun and Visually Interesting [ Quesada was on fire at the time ...was on his A-Game ] anyways please enjoy this Silver Age / Bronze Age Inspired [ lets not forget Bruce Timm too guys and gals ] piece .

[It was fun to work on ^_^ ]

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this is pretty awesome