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Hello all,

I had an idea for a new contest type, and just wanted to see if anyone thinks its a decent idea. If not no biggie.

I was thinking about coloring/editing contests-someone puts a sketch or very basically inked drawing of a character (drawing must be the work of the poster, not an existing black and white image) up, and the contest is to color/shade/otherwise edit the existing picture, with the entries being your finished product. The winner provides the next sketch/drawing, and it goes from there. I was thinking of calling it "Color me complete" or something.

What does everyone think?

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That's quite a good idea. Would the sketch be an original character or an existing one?

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I think either existing or original characters are fine-might be even more interesting sometimes to have a totally original character and see what different people do with it. Good idea bennyq!

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I love that idea. I'd really dig seeing some of my work colored by other Vine regulars. I think that would be awesome!

The winner of each contest could provide the next sketch/drawing to be inked. Or if they didn't want to ink it themselves, they could pick someone to submit an inked work for coloring.

However, I'd run it by at least one of the regular mods before you try to start anything.

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I would love to see this contest! This would be one I'd have the skill to participate in!

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I was talking with @shatterstar, and he said anyone can create a contest, it's just up to the community to participate. @dbennett6684, do you still want to do this contest?