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First, no, this isn't my art, this is just where I thought it most appropriate to put other people's art.

Second, it's called "New Art" but I don't think all of it's really new, it's just new to me. I don't need to hear "I saw this a month ago" or anything like that.

Ok, the art.

I'm only posting this because when I saw it I remembered Sling Shot and I complaining about Beast's look. It's not how I imagined it in the make-over thread but it's better than how he looks now. Iceman's slide looks like garbage though.

What is this? I hadn't heard about an upcoming X-Force but I think this looks cool. People will complain about having not one but two Wolverine's on yet another team, but I still think it looks good. And Warpath is on the team, more good news. Don't know what to say about Wolfsbane. Clayton Crain is a great artist and I like this, whatever it is. Last thing: matching costumes. When was the last time you saw that?

Doesn't look all that spectacular to me and I've seen it before, but the title "Secret Invasion" makes me wonder which one is getting the Skrull tongue. Maybe both?

Alex Ross on heroes. Real life artist on a real life comic. I think it's just the cover, but still good. Claire and Peter look a little funny to me.

Someone explain this. Why's he red? Is he reaching NEW LEVELS OF ANGER!! or something? And why doesn't his tongue change color? His hair and eyes changed, why not the tongue? Or the teeth?

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I really like the one with Warpath, Wolverine, X- 23, and Wolfbane. That looks really interesting, like a cloack and dagger, espinoge story maybe.

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Yeah the first two are very good. The Heroes one is very well done as well.

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Oh, I need to see more of that look.

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ok, I'm gonna sound like such a dope, but is that a....juggernaut samurai!?

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i definetly like the wolverine and wolfsbane x-23 picture the best. and if they do make it into a comic it definetly looks like itll be good. and the art is awsome

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he does look like a samurai!!

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Post Deleted.

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Oh, never mind then. Ok, that explains it. That would've been weird though.

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It's from Exiles when Juggs got the gem back. He had to fight another Juggernaut who carried katanas.

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everyone always has to carry katanas rolls eyes

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I like all the pics, and the Hulk one is great too, despite the Anger comment.

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