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In an effort to always improve my art I have been taking a hard look at my coloring style. My hubby pointed out the use of too much darkness in a lot of my coloring and it has been something that has bothered me for quite a while. So I am slowing down and really getting back into putting an effort into my tones and shades. When I first started coloring I was mainly focused on learning the shapes, lighting, and speed. Now that I have a pretty good understanding of those, through years of practice, I can get back to the basics and take my coloring where I want it to go.

This beautiful Neverland cover was drawn by Pasquale Qualano for Zenescpe. I borrowed it as a practice piece.

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@SarahPerryman: Well I would say you have achieved your objective here - you mentioned that your other work has too much darkness in it? I haven't seen that so I couldn't comment but if anything, this piece glows, your use of light here is quite stunning. Again, thank you for sharing this. Excellent stuff ^_^

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Excellent work! That practice is definitely going places.

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Looking good mam! :)

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Hmm. That's clean

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Thank you all a lot. I have been getting a lot more positive feedback in the past couple of weeks since I focused on a lighter style. I really appreciate it!

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Once again, excellent. Very vibrant.