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I decided to do a tribute to one of the greatest artists ever, Moebius. It's a poor imitation, but it was done on my tablet with my finger, so I think it came out pretty good.

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I think it looks great!! Long live Moebius! Rip buddy!

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That is brilliant. Moebius was amazing and i tip my hat to you for bringing some more recognition for him to Comic Vine.

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looks great

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great stuff using the finger man. rip moebius, i think its great you took the time.

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Thanks for the props...

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A Yes... Blueberry

Moebius was a great artist... He will be missed in the business... but the inspiration will never die

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Wow, I bet you outdid everyone at finger painting as a kid. :P
Excellent work!

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Mobius will be proud of your remembrance.