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I sketch...I wouldn't call myself an artist, but I spend a lot of my free time drawing on computer paper stolen from the libary printers.

i'm pretty sure Im better at drawing girls than guys, my males look feminie too often..

Ive been meaning to "show off" for a while, but I've been busy. So heres some things, they're a year old except the last, my style has changed a bit, but not much(noticing now the eyes are different)...

Also most of these are no bigger than 3 or 4 inches, I have trouble drawing bigger more detailed things..

And i've posted it before in the ironman v.hulk thread, but here it is again...I think I spent more time playing with the Comic program on the mac i was using at the library than i did drawing this picture, just to illustrate how that battle would go down ;)

I can also do sketches using the mouse a skill granted through my access to an apple II GS as an infant and on, thats what my profile pic is though so i wont post any of those.

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Interesting work, do you color as well?

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Post Deleted.

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Oh man replying to myself with updated portfolio.

  1. What a basic sheet of paper looks like after I get done with it. This is of course on of the better ones.

  1. Some chick who was originally taking off a sweater.

  1. Butter Face with a sweet arm perspective going.

  1. Hulk

  1. Hulk v. Iron Man, it wasn't meant to be action he was just scratching his arm.. but I thought he would look cool swinging and then I thought Iron Man would look good getting hit.

  1. One of the biggest heads I've ever drawn(maybe 3 inches), suffering from some lead damage from that stuff that builds up on the bottom of your hand after drawing/writing for a while

Thats it, theres a lot of crappy drawings in between obviously (some can be seen on the Big Head)

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They're pretty good though, I can see the potential in them. I mean, all you need is colouring and some defined lines. But then again, I can't even draw on paper.

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You have a nice style, it's clean, and not overly complicated, yet it is also very different from other artist. I like your comic cover up top too.

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I like your style as well, it's got a messy feel to some of it. Pencils should be messy.

But I saw that you only did one Batman sketch, I'd like to see some more Batman from you. That one has a very distinct look to it.

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Awesome art! Im tryin to learn how to draw comics too.


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I don't really like my Batman but I do draw him pretty often, I feel like he should be scary rather than cartoony, but here it is:

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I really like the ones that were on the sides, I thought that they were the best. But the one in the center didn't seem to have enough muscle, and the cape could have been bigger. Other than that, great.

Do start with stick figures or anything along those lines? Because I try to draw occasionally, and my friend has a book that he got when he was younger. It tells you to start with stick figures, then you "pipe" them to make them look solid, then you add the muscles, then the details like the costume and face and everything else.

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it depends, sometimes I do sometimes I don't, usually the bigger things require a skeleton or else they'll be off porportion (batmans feet/legs for instance)

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Cool Mummy!


My crappy first serious attempt at comic:

I like the first two, I kinda hate my comic but I suppose I'm learning ( for one I know I need bigger sheets of paper to accurately get detailed characters)

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Wow....U r good..!! I wish i was this good...!!

i love pencil sketches...n also do them myself !!

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It seems as though the creature isn't free enough. It's like he's stiff. But it's good other than that.

So did you draw by hand, then color in paint? Because I know that you can draw well in paint too.

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These are all hand drawn and then colored in Paint.net, basically opensource Photoshop. Whenever I draw using a mouse it always has..well I dunno, its almost a different style because of the limitations of the mouse, but I think I've been drawing with the mouse longer than i have with a pencil (go go Apple IIgs) but far more often with a pencil than a mouse, mouse drawing is something I did in keyboarding class in highschool. While i believe my drawing straight with a mouse is rather freakishly good for a mouse, I don't think its better than my hand drawing.

Also yeah, the big guy feels a lot like a statue, I felt that while i was drawing him but didnt really know hot to correct it. I've spent the past few days drawing comics instead of just doodling all over pages and its all coming out pretty horrible :P I'm not sure if its the limitations of a box or just the act of trying to tell a story, but I certainly need more practice...

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Bats Courtesy of Jayran's colouring technique.

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hay what do you know. I like the Bat-Man. Looks cool

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very nice! i like the frogs.... original!!!