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Here are some unfinished crappy drawings I did while practicing years ago. I actually took different characters from different comics book, and pick the best one to practice the figure, the composition, and the cutting edge anatomy. They were practices...so I didn't even bother to finish them. I just wanted to improved myself.

As you can see...a lot of erases, not complete done, and some glowing color that didn't work out for me...was just practicing the composition. Here you can see the pink girl, the fat dude, the snake girl, the alien head looking, the girl with the unfinished hand, and the middle hovering guy (just didn't add him horn...just did it my way) are The Mannites. Little kids who first came out in X-Men comics. You can type here in the wiki Mannites and you'll see who are these kids. However, here in my drawing...I made them look as an adult. The spider was my creation...never liked it...and the other guy with no mouth is my creation as well, and the other two characters are form 2 different comics that I can't remember their name...sorry..lol.

What can I say about this one...I did had fun, but unsatisfied. for this one I combined many different characters...here I can introduce you the X-Men, WildC.A.T.s, one of each from Psionex and Rancor's Lieutenants, and some stranger's one. Again...practicing the composition of how it will look a war battle in one whole page. Color didn't work for me as well...so I put it to a side. When I practice...I draw, but then gets bored...so I move on to the next...to keep improving many other things. Don't like to be stuck in one practical experience.

I have to say...out of all of them...this was pretty much one of my unfinished favorite. Despite that is not a finished drawing, I can say I did liked the composition...and the colors wasn't that bad here. For all of these crappy drawings, I use markers and some cheap paints. Here you can see one of my favorite's team...which is the Acolytes and New Warriors. I had been improving ever since and don't need to look at comics to draw anymore. Now I do finish all my current drawings that I'm doing...lol. I hope ya can enjoy it and hopefully I can post more sometime soon.

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Like the New Warriors vs Acolytes.

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Those look pretty good for "crappy" drawings.

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Like the New Warriors vs Acolytes.

@armiv2 said:

Those look pretty good for "crappy" drawings.

Thanks guys....a messy and unfinished drawing...for some reason I consider it...crappy...lol. Maybe you're right...it might not be crappy at all. Maybe I go over them and try to finish them....if I get the chance.