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Hey guys, I recently launched a kickstarter for a project of mine. It's basically like a choose your own adventure motion comic. You can check out the kickstarter campaign here:


And here's some of the work from it

This is my fist post on Comic Vine and I just have to say, holy crap this forum is fancy :D I like. You can see more work from the project on my art blog here:


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Damn awesome looking!

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Thanks redscare! :)

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Thank you IcePrince_X! :)

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@midlet: This is AWESOME. I hope you succeed in raising the money. I love the art style...

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Damn fancy!

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So I just posted this up on youtube. It's a play through of one of the animatics from my project Past Away, which is still live on Kickstarter btw if any of you guys haven't had a chance to check it out. Still got a good ways to go and can use any and all help :)


But anyway here's the animatic, it shows how the story flows and gives a clearer picture of what the finished product will be like.

Loading Video...

Hope you guys like :)