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A 96 page graphic novel is coming out---it's been a 3 year labor of love! Why has it taken me so long to do? Because I've done everything from story up!

Lola & The Eleven Secrets

Lola & the 11 Secrets follows the journey of a young girl trying to come to peace with a tragedy in her life. As Lola struggles to let go of her sadness, she seeks solitude in the forest and in a mysterious cemetery. Searching for answers to her questions, she discovers a portal to a strange and beautiful world. A fascinatingly original and beautiful world awaits Lola. A place full of secrets, strange new friends and bitterly twisted enemies. Lola must now overcome her past, face her fears, and find her answers or she will perish.

Please check out the site which just launched and let me know what you think!

You can also "Like" it on Facebook!

Thank you!

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Seems interesting enough.

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Real nice, I'm diggin' it!

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@Superguy0009e: Thanks! @ARMIV2: Thank you! @KMART4455: Thanks

Thanks for the love people!

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Awesome stuff! Congrats on completing it, I am a writer currently fleshing out my own series of 45 issues so I understand how mammoth these tasks can be.

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Whet where your influences while making this book? I'm curious because this reminds me of Tim Burton movies.

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Seems interesting, when i reach home from homework i gonna check it better

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@GaryTitan: Was just about to make that comparison. 
 I enjoyed looking at the art, was everything drawn digitally? (I have no idea how these things work).
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That is really cool, and honestly inspiring. My friend and I are writing a four issue mini series and it's taking forever to draw the first issue. This makes me think that finishing it is actually possible :). Awesome stuff.

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@Jaymundo: holy moly---Did you say 45 issues? WOW! And Thank you for the compliment!

@GaryTitan: I love Burton, anything by Henry Selick, Neil Gaiman those are my 3 biggest influences! I know in it's entirety it won't read as Burtonesque--but I Definitely know that influence is there! I love creepy, and earthy kinda stuff. Take care!

@borges: Thanks--it was not drawn digitally--painstakingly by hand--I wanted it to have a real earthy feel--and I knew I couldn't get that drawing it digitally. --However it was cleaned up and finished on the Comp!

@ArtGamer: Cool--let me know!

@Dbennett6684: Thanks---Yes, it takes time but it can definitely be done!! At times it just feels like it'll never be finished--but now that it's almost here--it seems so easy! Just time consuming!

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You good sir just got a follower.

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Wow, beautiful work! hit me up when it's done, I'll tweet it to my 25k followers :)

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@Basement_Studios: Thanks---Holy Cow, that is a lot of followers--Congrats! What's your Handle on Twitter? I'll make it 25,001!

@PortlandsBatman: Did you make that logo yourself? It is fantastic--Batman's my fave too! Thanks for the follow!

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@nszerdy: That image is absolutely stunning and beautiful. Good luck with the graphic novel. Will check out the link and give you my support.

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@Decept-O: Thank you!

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Is Lola a skeleton?

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@LordRequiem: No, just a Teenager in her awkward phase--if you go to you'll see more. The story is creepy so I wanted to emphasize that--by making her almost bone thin. I know I was a scrawny teenager growing up--so I went with what was familiar to me. (aka the Chicken Phase)

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The artwork is beautiful. It almost reminds me of the children's books my parents used to read to me.

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Love the artwork man this seems pretty cool!

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Dig your style. :)

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@sesquipedalophobe: Cool, thanks---I've actually illustrated 5 children's books--for Smaller Publishers! Nothing like this--all stories other people wrote! @TheAmazingImmortalMan: Thank you!

@ZZoMBiE13: Thanks! I like your Handle name "ZZoMBiE13!"

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@nszerdy: Wow, that's pretty cool. I have always wanted to illustrate children's books.

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@sesquipedalophobe: Children's books is not an easy thing to break into--my story of how I broke into it was just dumb luck! It helps to know people--or make friends if you can.

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this should not be free...

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@UnderDogs_OverBoard: Yup, you're right, it's not for free---It's going to be in print-not an online comic--and for a 96 page graphic novel it'll cost roughly $8,000 to print 800 copies full color on nice paper--so I'll have to charge about $16-20 per copy. I've priced a few printers--here is some of the info I wrote down--in case you or anyone else is interested

It's kind of in code but PPU--"Price Per Unit" POD is "Print on Demand" (wary of) (uses Lightning source)-

ppu: 13.70 800 copies $10,960.00

Digital Press-(traditional)-

ppu: 9.20 800 copies $7,363.61

ppu: 8.24 1000 copies $8,242.79

comixpress--(POD) 72 page perfect bound 6.625x10.25 (also available online) ppu: 9.35 800 copies 7,801.86

7,481.86 w/FULL page back cover interior ad (free hardcopy proof--wooo!) only 64 page on quotes for 500, 2000, and 3000 (2 staples) not graphic novel---Graphic Novel Quote on 800 (check to make sure interior pages are glossy!!!)

ppu: 7.34 500 copies $3,670

800 copies $4,473 (full 72 page) (with shipping) ---4355 with gloss interior

ppu: 2.23 2000 copies $4,475.00

ppu: 1.89 3000 copies $5,690.00

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@nszerdy: oh shoot!

I wish I was nearer than where you guys are...

I am from the Philippines so it is a hassle...

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Hey, that`s great!

But, if I wanted to buy it, how could I do it?

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: I'm gonna start a project in the next couple of months--and after that it'll be available for purchase through!

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Fantastic. Hopefully it`s my cup of tea (even if I don`t drink tea), and I`ll buy it

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great job, man

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@Loki9876: Thanks! @Strafe Prower: Thank you

Thanks for all the love everybody!

Seriously means a lot!