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A few weeks back...we did a Gender Bender contest from the Round Robin contest...here are my version of some characters:

So I guess by the weapons and a bit of the costume we can figure out whom I gender bender-dized!

From Elektra to Oedipus = an assassin from the Hands gone rouge.

From Psylocke to Mindlocke = a former British omega level- telepath whose body got ravaged during an attack from Slay Mistress' group...his mind got locked in an android body seconds before his body's death that technically boasted his latent powers of a technopathy.

From Lady Deathstrike to Monsieur Deathstrike = a French aristocrat turned to cyborg assassin of the Hands after his former partner Morgan Howell turned against his father's research work that experimented on mutant children.

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@IcePrince_X: Awesome i did 3 pieces for your contest too loool i picked emma but did psylock and mystique in male versions as well :D

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Monsieur Deathstrike, lol i love it ^_^.

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thats cool! wish you also showed the other two entries even not as an official one. I got fascinated with this actually...thinking of a gambit and rogue bender-dized actually.

Aiden Cross

thanks! I like the concept as well.

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@IcePrince_X: ill message you a link to my thread with them ;)