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That`s great!

His left leg though...It looks freakishly out of proportion. I understand where you were going, and I fail at drawing the leg and/or legs scretched out like that, too (though, I don`t know if this is just a rare mistake for you, not having seen but only this drawing from you), alot of times. Or was it every time?

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On the real, though. Good job!

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@Icarusflies: @Twentyfive: Thanks a lot!

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: I particularly don't see an error in the proportions of the legs. On the other hand it was very difficult for me to solve the arm holding the trident. I'm still not convinced. A friend noticed something strange in the proportion of that arm, but didn't say anything of the legs. I guess it depends a lot on the perception of the viewer. Thanks for the feedback! :)

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Eye of the beholder.

You`re welcome.

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That's excellent!

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That's amazing.

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Really nice work, let me know if you ever color it in.

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Thats so f****in dope!

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@crestfallen The legs are fine. The arm though , is off you should see more of the top of the hand and the Sceptre should be at a different angle. The way it's drawn , the elbows inside not outside as it would be if the perspective was correct. All in all GREAT JOB.
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While I do think that this is a fantastic job, I wanted to comment on a couple of the things that were mentioned here.

At first glance, it appears to me that you want to have the arm extending straight out to the side

There are some basic anatomy problems with structure of the arm and the musculature that you've built here.

What I've done here is just pull the shoulder out a little and started building outward with more natural proportions.

I also extended the lat spread, but that's more of a personal preference, to give him more weight up top.


After looking at it more closely, I fee that you were going for more of a foreshortened approach.

In this case the you have to look at this initially as overlapping forms, you can find some drawing tips about how to build foreshortening by first using cylindrical forms

When using this technique you can see the cylinders as overlapping forms then start to widdle away at the anatomy to create the illusion of foreshortening.

So here, the fore arm over laps the bicep which overlaps the shoulder.

Comic book dynamics will sometimes dictate the exaggeration of features and here you can see that I made the hand larger than the first example to enhance the perception of depth

The Leg

While the led isn't wrong essentially, I think what might be throwing this a bit is that the hips flair a bit too much.

If you lock the hips into the V taper of foreshortening of the body then the outer portion of that bent leg is barely going to break that constraint of the V

That bent leg might even be a little longer than I've indicated here via the principle of Comic Book Dynamics.

You have a great illustration here! Again, I just wanted to comment on some of the things mentioned here, I hope it helps - EJ

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@Icon: @Aronmorales: @KnightRise: @ARMIV2: @WaveMotionCannon: Thanks, Im glad you like it!

@Referee said:

Really nice work, let me know if you ever color it in.

Thanks, and yes, i will!

@Press Oblivion: Great feedback!! Very complete. I appreciate your taking the time. I will try to apply the first one. Thanks!

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That's just brilliant work you have there mate! Love the shading, the attention to detail and also what you decide to add in regards to the Sharks!

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WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME?! Great job dude.

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Great work, as always.

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Wonderful drawing man, I dig it.

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That is absolutely beautiful.

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@crestfallen: I LOVE the detail! Keep it up!

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@Deranged Midget: @sora_thekey: @SmashBrawler: @SavageDragon: @Blood1991: Thank you very much!! :)

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@Crom-Cruach: AWESOME!! ha ha ha Thanks!

@Strafe Prower: Thank you! :)

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The detail on this is just phenomenal.

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@referee said:

Really nice work, let me know if you ever color it in.

It took me a while, but as I promised here is the color version. :)

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Hey thats really nice work. The colors look amazing.

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Great job. Yea the arm holding the trident is a little bit off but the colored version it's not noticeable really. Nothing wrong with the legs. I give it a solid A- grade. please visit my JL and Avengers Art here thread and blow my mind with some more of your art!

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Wow, with the colours added this really pops! Amazing ^___^

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Amazing job!

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Awesome job! And the arm holding the trident isn't too distracting, didn't notice it until you mentioned it.

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