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Well, I've been drawing pretty much all my life, and my style is always changing, kind of adjusting to my preferences at time. I used to be quite a manga fan, and therefore my style was influenced a little by a it. Now that I immersed myself in the beautiful world of comics, I've been trying to tweak my style into something a little in between. So, this is kind of my first try, I'd like to show you all the progress I have till now.

First, I usually start with a rough sketch, working on the pose and adjusting the elements. A few to almost no details.

Then, on top of that layer, I start to work on the characters, giving almost all of the details. It's quite messy, and I don't know why but I like this part the most. Almost always my drawings all end up just like sketches, because I like the "messy" look. This time I worked all directly in my computer, but sometimes I begin drawing in my sketchbook.

With the sketch done, I start with the lineart. My pulse sucks, and I always have a hardtime trying to make it just as thick as I like, but most of the time it ends either too thick, or too thin.

(I know Thor has no legs here, but it will all be covered by fire, so I didn't bother to finish him)

Next is the coloring. I begin with some base color, so I can use it as mask for the shadows. This is the part I usually have more problems with, since I haven't found a coloring method I completely like.

And well, so far this is all I got. I would like to hear all your opinions and criticism, specially since there are some many awesome artists in here. (:

Ps. The positioning system beat me, it's impossible to work with.

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@GonnaRain: Looks cool can't wait to see the finished version :D As for thors missing legs you can cover that up with something like a misty background so its looks like there faded by mist or fog, check the rendering options in the filters section once you paint the basic effect and go over it with clouds/ difference clouds and see what effects you get :D

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Oooh, I have got to be here when you release the finished product.