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So I'm on another site as well that's called MMATycoon. Anyway, there are fight events and while you don't have to many people like to add posters for these events. Sometimes they pay in game money for others to make them also. 
I'm not even close to one of the best but I do enjoy making them. Anyway here's a few I've made recently (sold the first one and hoping I sell the other two).  
P.S. They're are required to be maximum 290x240. 

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Dude theyre amazing! First one is my fav

Bah im so jealous, cant draw AT ALL my stick figures look a bit retarded

Wish i could no point in having comic ideas if you cant draw haha

Kudos! hope you sell more!!

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@Mizz_Coconut: Thanks.
I didn't actually sell any of those posters but I have sold some and am now making posters regularly for two Organizations. Also if anyone knows Photoshop or GIMP well and you have some advice please feel free to share. Here's some of the new one's I've made..... 
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Really happy with this one as I started my own Fight Org. and this is the first poster (inspired by a recent SW marathon with my daughters)... 

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@IrishX: cool

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@The Poet: Thanks mate. Good to see ya again hope you're doing well. 
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