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I'm starting over. I'm back to liking drawing again, so when I scan some in I'll post them. These are just some hand drawn pictures and some photo manips. In my last art thread I didn't post much actual drawings, I will hopefully this time. Feel free to criticize on what could be done better, I have a long while to practice and get better. Hope you enjoy my art and edits. any request welcome, I'll see if I can do It, manip or actual drawing. If you want the original of a manip just ask. hope you like them :D


Hand drawn pics(By me) Of how Supes sees Batsafter being affected byMagic-K

Pics of how I see Constantine

Random drawings


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A Hero Idea(Virgil Ante)

Some Edits

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thinks Virgil Ante is the best pic

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Your style is different but not good...