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This is a tribute to one of the most beautiful and sexy girls in the Videogame world, Morrigan of the Darkstalkers series and it is the Inked Version of the drawing I've previously posted. This was a good training, mostly because it was long time I wasn't posting drawings. I like the face, how I've drawn it, mostly the noise. For the realization of the drawing I've used many pencils, a 5H pencil for the initial rough, a 3H for some shading and various linees, and an Hb2 pencil for definite the lines and the general drawing. For the inking Ive used a simple 0,5 China pen and a great permanent inker of big size, I've found funny to ink this drawing, even if the China Pen was half-discharged . I hope you like her!

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Great job!

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@ARMIV2 said:

Great job!

Thanks!! ^^ You know a colorist on ComicVine that want to color her? :3