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Hey, guys/gals. Thought I'd show you a sketch that I've been working on today.

It all started while I was watching some insect documentary and it showed some flies buzzing around some garbage and it was talking about how they digest there food or some such...

Anyway! During all this my mind drifted, as it tends to do, and I thought "What if there was a ninja fly??".

Well, I played around with this idea, did some concept drawings, but it didn't look quite right in my normal style, so i decided to draw him in a more cartoon-ish one. Sense I've always liked Chris Giarrusso's art I decided that's what I would base it on and then start adding parts of my own style and eventually get to where it was just my style with some Giarrusso influence.

Oh, yeah, I also decided that instead of Ninja fly I would change the concept a little and turn him into a superhero instead.

So, without further ado I present Action Fly!!!

This was all done with a 0.5 pentel automatic pencil, a Uni-ball pen(not sure what size), and a Faber-Castell 0.5 writing pen.

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Would this be better in the Artist Show-Off section?

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Yeah, you should probably put this in the Artist section.

Nice work man, you've actually got a pretty good depiction of cartoonish anatomy. The right one with Action Fly in mid-flight is my favorite.

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This is awesome!!! :D

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Now you gotta show us how he eats at the fast food place.

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That would be an awesome comic strip.