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I, like a putz, posted these in the wrong forum yesterday. Soooo... Here are the first two strips of Masters of the Obvious from Hound Comics. I'll post more here on CV from time to time, but if you want to stay up to date, go to the Masters of the Obvious FB Page or Hound Comics website. By Dan Price, Bonn Adame and Ty Tyner

Thanks, DP

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@DanPrice: I love the art. Let me repeat that. I love the art. I also love the humor. This is great! I already love the pervy robot! Sweet job.

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Thanks, pal. You have always cool about the stuff I post, which is always original concepts, so that is most appreciated.

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this is really great. Really funny (Visible Woman!) And has a real sense of moving forward. Great pacing!

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Thanks Benny! I really appreciate it! Despite it being a comedy, it is a real change of pace from previous projects we've worked on. So glad you like it!