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Here is a complete gallery of all 120 sketchcards I produced for the MARVEL UNIVERSE 2011 Trading Card set.

Not all of them are super-great, but them's the breaks...it was a fun job regardless. All of the cards were produced using a combination of 4h pencil, brushpen, and Prismacolor marker.



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i was really happy when i saw you had Sleepwalker in there, he's awesome. also had a fun time trying to name every one of them. they look great

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Wow man, You get awesome points for including Moon Boy and MadCap (redeemable at any awesome store).......nice work
How long did this take?

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@thecheckeredman: oh man, I caught a small few of these over on deviant a little while back but this is just EPIC. Totally awesome job man, this is a killer collection :)

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@thecheckeredman: Awesome work, very cool!

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Yeah, i spotted these on DA too! Sooooo cool! You were busy! =)
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Such an incredible collection of cuties!
It's nice to see Scarlet Witch rockin' out.  Haha.

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@cattlebattle: I would love to work on a MB & DD comic! They're great fun! Also, Madcap is just one of those oddities of the MU I'd love to work with...maybe as Captain Ultra's arch-enemy in a fun comic strip.

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AWESOME WORK!!! The Mr. Sinister is my favorite, very awesome man!

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I got such a kick out of these when they were sent in the checkeredman e-mails, nice to see them all together here. Must've been hard trying to do all of these and keep different poses for everyone. I hope this means you'll be back to doing some checkered man strips :D

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@thecheckeredman: How incredibly awesome to be hired by Marvel to do these. What an honor. I love your cartoon take and style, always have and these are just a lot of fun! Congratulations! Black Bolt, Madcap, and Hobgoblin are my faves.

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@Decept-O: Thanks buddy! I had a lot of fun doing these cards and was excited when I got invited to work on the next set as well! Woot!

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@EGoD: More TOACM strips are on their way!

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@thecheckeredman: That's even more awesome! Wow. Now I need to get these, I want them.

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Nice Job on using those obscure characters, such as Darkhawk, and Constricter. I really like the Doc Ock also.

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Please read following message from uproartake to me:

how the fuck does poor rookie like you get to make MARVEL cards sets. This is bullshit and nothing less you would expect from marvel. You not even trying and barely pratice drawing. What bullshit, what bullshit. Might as well have a middleschool student draw this crap. Your work is garbage just like joe quesada. Bye bitch.

LOL! This just made my day...


Guess he's never heard of "sketch" cards...

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@thecheckeredman: Yeah, that's our resident psychopath emptytomb alright.  I'm glad he's become more of a joke than an actual threat to anyone. : )
You have a large fan base Denver and we love your work here.  Hopefully this project will open even more doors for you in the future (and one day maybe we'll even be able to find a Checkered Man trade on the shelves?) *eyes sparkle*
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@Superskrull86: You know, Constrictor was always one of those C-D List characters I took a shine too...his look/costume is very striking IMHO...