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Thank you MARCIOABREU7for letting me color this

Time 3hr 51 min

See this is what happens in the future if superman and Wonder Woman stay together she will get pregnant with the 20th kid because kyptonian sperm ignores the rules of birth control. And he will get Fat and no longer hot sexy looking. And they will deal with Kyrpto. Do you want that fans Do you DO YOU?!?!?!

Okay that is off my chest.

So I did a little reference to a classic very famous Kingdom Come story line. Do you get it huh huh do you see the references do you do you //foams at mouth//

sorry I hope you like it

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that looks cool worth me freinding you :l)

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Your art is great, and what I'm about to say has nothing to do with the quality.


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Ooooooo there making machoroni

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