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I am seeking talented artists to help me in creating designs for characters in a fan fiction I have been working on for a year now called Children of Tomorrow or CoT for short. It takes place in a future of the Marvel Universe in which most of the heroes have been wiped out by President Norman Osborn. Without giving too much away, the children of the now dead heroes are beginning to unite to fight against Osborn and the villains of the past who stand beside him.

I am still fairly early into the story and I have A LOT planned for it and I think that it would be a pretty cool addition to have drawings and designs of some of the characters and concepts present in the story. I would need someone who is great at drawing nearly all body types and a pretty good colorist would be great too. And no, I cannot pay anything but I can offer my friendship and gratitude (=

So if there are any artists out there interested, I'd be more than glad to look over some of your work and see if you qualify for the job. I would really appreciate it. Thank you!