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So. Back in April. I somehow got the idea for a story I would like to tell. And unlike all the other stories/ideas that have come into my head, I cannot recall how this one came to be. So I had an idea for a character - a lizard - who live in Nevada and is a mercenary. The stories I thought of telling cracked me up. I thought of doing multiple origins a la The Joker. This character was very much inspired by my love for TMNT. Except he doesn't have any brothers. Its just him. Without any further ado, I present to you.... Rembrandt, Lizard with a Beard!!!

I've gone through a couple of different designs for him. All the while never having a name. Nor really giving one much thought. It must have been the end of July when I saw a name and immediately thought of him. That's when I knew it was perfect. Rembrandt. I loved the name because I've been a Sliders fan since childhood. But it also fit perfectly with my other love TMNT. Naming this reptile after an old, famous painter? Thought had never crossed my mind before. Some things just have a way of working out perfectly :)

If anyone would like to draw Rembrandt. Please feel free to do so. It would make my day. I envision him with a tank top, tactical pants and then armed with swords, submachine guns and maybe a canon for an arm a la Weapon X from Age of Apocalypse. But take any creative liberties you would like.

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Lemme know what ya'll think!

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Reminds me of the Savage Dragon. I like the concept. Run with it.

Let me see a full body concept piece and then I'll be happy to critique it or offer feedback if you like.

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@blur1528: ^_^
Happy for you buddy, having Holmes Inc #3 come to press I can first hand tell you the satisfaction of seeing your story in sequential arts format.
Are you planning on cartooning (writer/artist) the story?
Do you need tips on scripting, writing or any of that boring stuff?
If you need a co-plotter or co-writer, I am always looking to add to my credentials .
P.S.the middle one is my fave.
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@Silkcuts: Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm gonna do as much as I can on both fronts. @ZZoMBiE13: Thanks! I'll see if I can do a full piece.

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@blur1528: Send me a PM on key things you want to know or direction on tips, I can speak forever it seems sometimes.