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I barely ever finish anything I do. Mostly I like to sketch or doodle randomly outside of full game art things (which I can't post here since they belong to the game teams so I can only post WIPs of said stuff).

So here......a bunch of random randoms. o_o

Game over~ Mr. Dark from Rayman, blowing you away. It's an animation so maybe your need to click it to see?

A WIp of the character I was making for a game.

The sprite of character in my game. Spriting is my real art passion i think XD

And here is a character card + sprites for nother game. ^_^

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When/If those games get released might we ask which ones they are? So that when could see your art there?

Also, your sprite is cute; the game may need an office next door to the armor shop full of cute chiropractor sprites to rub her back out. :) And perhaps a double-sided tape shop across the street . . . ;p