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Just something I was doodling while I shoulda been learning in class. Feel free to C&C.

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Good form.

You need to pay attention in school though. I love drawing and painting and whatnot but school should definitely come first, you flunk out and possibilities close for your future...

I suggest practicing in your free time, working on your poses and your linework all in all not bad.

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@KMART4455 Thank you sir. I haven't drawn in years and now I'm practicing wherever I can.
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Pretty awesome. I especially love how you've drawn his right deltoid muscle and his trapezious muscle. You made it look pretty realistic. Good job. His costume is not that special, but i've realized you can't have enough time to elaborate on that during class. But still, i like how you formed his pants! Keep up the awesome job, i would love to see more from you! :)))

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That is somethin' else!