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I dub him...


Bloody-Crowbar Fella!



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Crowbar.. I like it!

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It's like the riddler, predator, and goten had a child, and he kicks an infinite number of asses!

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Reminds me of Sportsmaster.

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I dig it. What's his story?

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@KEROGA: It reminds me of what would've happened if Matt Murdock kept his sight and training but had the Punisher's origin and protects Hell's Kitchen with extreme prejudice!

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@ZZoMBiE13: i call him "Damon the Demon" (lol, kinda like a combination of daredevil & kick ass), Damon and his friend Erick were childhood friends and big comic book fans,one day while walking home from the comic book store Damon&Erick were jumped and brutally beaten,Damon survived the beaten but not his friend Erick.After this,Damon masked himself with a demon mask,a crowbar,and red brass knuckles and now fights off gang members in his neighborhood.....(the girl in the gas mask is a supporting character still working on a back story for her)

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@KEROGA: You need to get your hands on a WACOM tablet my friend. I'd love to see what you could put together with some digital "art supplies". You've got a lot of style to your work. I like it. :)

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@ZZoMBiE13: really? ill keep that in mind,lol ..so youve checked out my other drawings?

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@KEROGA: Well I'm not ready to write your biography or anything, but I've seen everything you've posted since I showed up a month or so ago. You've made some great stuff for some of the contests that we've both entered.

But yeah, I think you have a nice style. I'd definitely like to see you get some better art supplies or a WACOM, but I like what I've seen so far.

I'll be interested to see how you develop it and grow. :)

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Looks like a DD/Punisher Amalgam to me. And I dig it, as Zombie said.