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Interest in a new contest? (7 votes)

Yes! 86%
No! 14%

So, I have been thinking about starting another rolling contest, but I know there are a bunch already and I want to make sure that there is enough interest to sustain it.

The idea is fairly simple. It would be called "Capture the Moment". The premise would be the art of the splash page and conveying a complete idea or emotion in a single, full page picture.

A sidekick is revealed to have a drug problem? There is a betrayal? A superhero proposes to a long-time steady? A trickster pulls a prank? A death?

The ideas could be from a fan-fic idea that you have always wanted to see or a recreation of a classic moment. What ever the idea, the picture should have emotional impact, detailed with foreground and background and should convey the message and emotion.

*NOTE* This would not be another battle contest or drawing a single character. There are other well established, very well structured contests for those ideas.

This is for the love of the splash page!

So, I leave it to you, my co-creators:

Do we have enough interest, time, ideas to make this a regular thing?

Suggestions are welcome. No thoughts are bad, all ideas should flow. I am not terribly sensitive.

It just seemed like an area that we could really have fun with.

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@shatterstar Could you pin this for a week so people will see it?

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I'm very interested. You can count me in.

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I'm In.

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I'm down

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Now I need an idea.....crap

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@anbu_b_team: Actually, I was just brainstorming on the first topic. I think I have a solid one. Keep your eyes open in about an hour...