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I love the concept of this idea, and the arguements about which ring he would wear.

Let me know what you think...

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@1frankcastle4: I think it's actually spot on.

He doesn't belong in Yellow since he doesn't really want to instill fear. It's just an unforeseen (on his part anyway) side effect of what he does.

He's not greedy about anything, and in fact he wants to share his.. uhh.. condition..

He's a maniac, but not a raging maniac.

Doubtful that be belongs to Blue, Indigo, Black, or White.

Closest alternative I see is Violet since he clearly loves what he does so much.

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felt compelled to start from scratch...

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Wow, I really like the concept of a Joker Green Lantern... the possibilities are so great. I'd love to see that comic with a good writer. Joker GL would drive Hal Jordan, Superman, and Batman bonkers. =)

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@1frankcastle4: GAH! I love it! So much win!!! LOL. You continue to impress me.

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Black Lantern Ring