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Hey All-

As you may or may not know LAMP and I work on other sites to actually pay the bills and keep Comic Vine running.

Our current project requires a top notch illustrator to contribute maybe a dozen or so colored illustrations that we'll work into a client site.

This is a paying commission gig, and we're looking for professional work. The style we're looking for is simplistic, low color-count, almost vector style art, though that's just what we had in mind. Since it's for a client we can't talk about it specifically until we've seen some of your portfolio. Needless to say it'll be fun work that you'll have quite a bit of freedom on.

If you're an artist looking (like us) to pay the bills while you pursue your dreams please send an email my way with some links to your work. You can live just about anywhere as long as you're a hard worker.



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Actually, I have my own art page here, and some in my profile if you'd like to see it. Let me know if you still want it emailed.

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this looks like something i can do

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Hmm, where's Cascader? Isn't he going to answer us?

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Octagon Freak says:

"Hmm, where's Cascader? Isn't he going to answer us? "

He did say to email him directly:


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I did, he never answered me.

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flameape says:

"You can see much of my current work at the links below: thanks! -- Gregory Giordano Art-primate in the jungles of Burlington, VT; http://www.comicspace.com/flameape/ , http://www.flickr.com/photos/flameapestudio , http://www.comicspace.com/abraxascomicsgroup/ Contact: Phone: on request iChat or AIM: flameape, MSN: flameape@hotmail.com (for MSN IM only), Yahoo: flame8pe, Google Talk: flameape.studio
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i just felt like you should know.

you are amazing.

i really dig the art

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Octagon Freak says:

"I did, he never answered me."

Same. Guess we did't get it.

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i know the guy's have been busy lately with the new website...

it's launching soon so maybe they just haven't had the time to get back to anyone yet.

give them some time


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Well, I guess I'm too late for this...