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Mar-Vell was a member of the blue-skinned Kree empire. At birth he was as pink as a human. The only other abnormality was the Star Brand on his right hand. To some, he was the fullfillment of Kree prophecy. To others, he was an abomination, but despite discrimination and prejudice, Mar-Vell became a renowned soldier and an acclaimed hero for his victories in battle against the Kree's enemies, notably the Skrulls.

Mar-Vell's regiment, under the command of Yon-Rogg, was given a mission to observe Earth, specifically human's progress of space travel. Yon-Rogg, jealous of the love between Mar-Vell and the ship's medic, Una, ordered Mar-Vell to infiltrate Cape Canaveral, Florida, alone. He then secretly tried to fire on Mar-Vell's ship, but killed a human instead-- Ken Connell. Mar-Vell took advantage of resembling Connell to pose as a human and create a secret identity, but Yon-Rogg again secretly tried to kill Mar-Vell by activating the Kree robot, the Sentry. In his Kree uniform, Mar-Vell publicly defeated the robot, and the onlookers acclaimed him as "Captain Marvel," misinterpreting what the Sentry called him.

[Editor's Note: It is here that Sebastian Shaw acquired the Sentry robot.]

Mar Vell continued to observe Earth even though Yon-Rogg returned home. Knowing that Rogg would be back, with the Kree Armada, Mar Vell set out to join together the greatest group of heroes the world has ever known: Ultraforce!

He first sought out the media darling of the day, Tony Stark's creation, the Vision. Mar Vell admitted he knew that Stark was actually in the armor, and promised to show him technology undreamt of by mortal minds. Stark agreed to join.

Next he met Thor. Thor challenged him to the Right of Combat, where Thor ended up winning, but Mar Vell accquitted himself well. It seems Thor had been sent to the realm to become it's defender, he was happy to join.

At the behest of Stark, Mar Vell approached Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, a married couple woking in his company, Force Works. They had been developing a super team to back up the Vision and were ready to try some of the concepts out.

Lastly, they approached the king of the soveriegn nation of Wakanda, T'Challa: The Black Panther. Not only his nation's hero, but also a man of great influence and importance.

On their first outing to engage the Enchantress' Wrecking Crew; the Force quickly dispatched of the quartet and was met by S.H.I.E.L.D. After long talks behind closed doors, Nick Fury allowed them to operate autonomously under the condition that SHIELD could appoint three members to their group. Mar Vell and Stark agreed and so the Force added:

Captain America: the Sentinel of Liberty.

Black Widow: International Agent of Espionage.

The Paladin: Weapons Expert Unsurpassed.

The Ultraforce were housed at Force Works and kept close ties with SHIELD.

Until The Kree Invasion happened.

After the Invasion Captain America quit SHIELD and Ultraforce. Stark quit and booted them out of his compound (with the exception of Pym and Van Dyne who stayed with Stark). Thor returned to Asgard in disgust having failed in his duty. Mar Vell sat aboard the SHIELD helicarrier and expressed his remorse to Fury. As he was about to leave, Fury stopped him.

"Mar Vell, you are a captain, a soldier....what if we rebuild Ultraforce under your leadership? You can look at our prospects and choose your team. Would that convince you to stay, as a SHIELD extension?"

"Yes......but we will need a veritable army. The world is now on the cosmic radar, and I know the evils that lie out there. Show me your prospects."

After about 4 hours of deliberation, Fury and Mar Vell assembled the new Ultraforce:

Captain Marvel, the leader.

Black Widow, 2nd in command.

Paladin, Instructor.

Black Panther, King.

Doc Samson, survivor of the HULK virus.

Blayze, Lt. Monica Rambeau.

Moondragon, Cassandra Nova the twin sister of Charles Xavier.

Thundra, Princess Zarda from another dimension.

Songbird, Melissa Gold reformed Master of Evil.

Tigra, former cat burgular Felicia Hardy.

Spitfire, Jenny Nai Swenson half sister of Tony Stark.

Justice, John Tensen former detective now Cosmic Cop.

Ant ManII, Scott Lang Hank Py's apprentice.

Mantra, Maiden of Mysticism.

Prime, 13 yr old Kevin Green is the World's Mightiest Man.

Together, they are the Earth's Mightiest Heroes: ULTRAFORCE!

Scott Lang was an engineer of some renown at Tony Stark's Force Works. He had gained a valuable position in the eyes of Stark, who promoted him to the Ultraforce personal engineer, living with and working with the Ultraforce.

When his daughter Cassie became seriously ill, Lang decided to return to burglary as a final resort. He broke into the home of Dr. Henry Pym and stole his Ant-Man uniform and shrinking gas canisters. Garbed as Ant-Man, Lang broke into Cross Technological Enterprises and discovered that Dr. Erica Sondheim, the only person capable of helping his daughter, was being held prisoner. He rescued the doctor and was relieved when Sondheim was able to save the life of his beloved Cassie.

Lang had intended to return the Ant-Man costume to Pym and turn himself in for its theft but Pym, aware of the use to which Lang had put the stolen goods, offered to let him keep them, provided he only use them to uphold the law. Since Pym had already left the Avengers, he offered Scott Lang to take his place as Ant Man( Pym was operating as Giant Man at this time). Scott now fights alongside Captain Marvel and the Ultraforce.

Born circa 1928, Natalia "Natasha" Romanova was apparently orphaned as a child when she was trapped in a burning building during an early attack on Stalingrad by enemy forces. Ivan Petrovitch Bezukhov, a Soviet soldier, found Natasha in the inferno and rescued her. Although Ivan kept a close eye on Natasha as she grew, by the late 1930s she had attracted the attention of Soviet intelligence, which began her training. In 1941, she was almost brainwashed into serving the ninja clan the Hand, but was saved by Ivan, Logan (James Howlett, later Wolverine) and Captain America. Following World War II, Natasha was recruited to become part of the Black Widow Program, a team of elite female sleeper agents.

The Soviet state eventually arranged for Natasha to marry Alexi Shostakov, a champion test pilot. After a few years of a happy marriage, the KGB faked Shostakov’s death in a rocket test; grief for Shostakov drove Natasha’s resolve deeper and she continued her education with the Red Room Academy, finally being appointed the title of the Black Widow.

After briefly being brainwashed into fighting the Vision, she returned to Russia and broke all ties with her former superiors. When she returned to the USA, she spent her time working for Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Doctor Leonard Samson is a renowned psychiatrist and psychologist. His fame was brought on by being the first person to contract the HULK virus and live with the exception of Bruce Banner (See also exceptions: Thaddeus Ross, Jenifer Walters, Emil Blonsky, John Proudstar, Betty Ross, and Samuel Sterns.).

Samson possesses super strength, speed, intelligence, endurance, and limited invulnerability. He was recruited by SHIELD for the Ultraforce Initiative Phase II.

Eden Blake is the latest in a long line of Archmages wielding the name Mantra. The Archmages were an order of heroes who dedicated their spirits to the never ending battle against evil (See Dr. Strange, Victor Von Doom, and Clea). Whenever they would die, their spirit would pass along the lines of their descendants taking with them their skills and knowledge to their next vessel.

Captain Mar Vell was able to identify a unique energy signature and traced one to Eden. Wanting to cover the realm of magic in Phase II of the Ultraforce Initiative, he offered her a position on Ultraforce.

Born at the same time as the X-Men's leader, Charles Xavier, Cassandra's psychic form didn't have a host.

Heather Douglas was only a child when the villain Thanos came to Earth, and killed her parents because they witnessed his arrival (her late father would later be turned into Drax the Destroyer).

Heather was left in a coma. The disembodied psychic energy of Cassandra possessed the body and continued her life.

After an altercation with Captain Mar Vell (who could tell she had been touched by Thanos' energy) he uncovered her ploy. Satisfied she wasn't part of Thanos' cadre, he offered her membership in Ultraforce.

Justice first appeared in contemporary New York City in the year 1986, claiming to be a law-enforcing knight from another dimension, the "Far Place," although his recollections were vague. Compelled to use his preternatural abilities to fight criminals, he acted as a vigilante against street hoods, drug dealers and gangsters while trying to recall more of where he came from and how he ended up on Earth.

Justice began as an alien warrior (called a "Justice Warrior") in the employ of King Therion and Queen Endolana of the Land of Spring in the Far Place. After having an illicit affair with the queen, he was exiled to Earth by the king's wizard, Webstral. On Earth, he took on the mission to stop the series' central villain, Daedalus Darquill, and his son, Damon Conquest, evil wizards from the Land of Winter, the royals' opposition. Arriving around the same time as the "White Event" that gave humans paranormal abilities, he learned Earth's ways while befriending DEA agent Rebecca Chambers, a black woman with a "golden aura" denoting utmost purity, and Arnie, a cab driver. He battled Hounds, soulless creatures created by Darquill, and hordes of drug addicts and common criminals. Eventually, Becky was brainwashed by the Wizards of Winter against Justice, who was framed for her murder (a body faked by the Wizards). Corrupted from the brief loss of his arm in battle, Justice briefly resorted to using a gun to kill criminals, but abandoned the idea shortly after implementation. Justice subsequently battled and savagely killed Black Justice, a "Justice Warrior" like Tensen who had succumbed to his darker natures. His dire emotional state fed a machine constructed by the Wizards that helped them to destroy Spring. Webstral escaped to Earth and, as he told of Spring's fall and the king's death, healed Justice of the impurity caused by his earlier injuries before perishing.

When Captain Mar Vell was assembling his new Ultraforce, he remembered his run-in with Justice and their status off world. He asked Justice to join and Tensen agreed.

Monica Rambeau was a lieutenant in the New Orleans harbor patrol. Fate came upon her one day, when she gained super powers after being bombarded by extra-dimensional energy, produced by an energy disruptor weapon created by the Kree.

After her initial appearance, Rambeau began experimenting with her powers. Early in her career, she met Paladin, who was kind enough to introduce her to SHIELD for additional training. As Blayze, she joined and served in the Ultraforce II.

When Melissa was young, she did not experience the best childhood. Her mother had gone to prison for robbery and her father was a drunk. It did not help that many of her peers teased her until one day she simply couldn't take anymore of it and she ended up running away from home and living on the streets, creating a tough personality. She also took up her mother's name of Mimi and as she got older, she became involved with a criminal named Mike. He set her up by reporting her to the police while carrying stolen goods, causing her to be arrested and sent to jail, just like her mother.

Once there she met Marian Pouncy. Marian got Melissa involved in masked wrestling and she soon joined a team called the Grapplers, using a device that converted her voice into high frequency sonics and taking on the persona 'Screaming Mimi.' The Grapplers became renowned for their colorful personalities and ringside antics, but the wrestling federation denied them the opportunity to make the same amount of money their male counterparts made. When the group decided to turn to crime in order to make more money, they were tried and jailed after a defeat by the hero known as Captain Mar Vell.

Mar Vell remembered her when he was reconstructing Ultraforce. He always saw her as just a misguided girl. He proposed that she work off her sentence as a member of Ultraforce. She delightfully agreed.

SHIELD scientist Forge constructed her a harness that allows her to create solid sound projections.

Besides genius, another of the Stark inherited traits is being a philanderer. On a trip to Japan, Howard Stark had been amorous with a young businesswoman. This came back to bite him in the butt....at least his son's butt later on in life. After he revealed himself as the Vision, Stark was confronted by Jennifer Nai Swenson (Swenson because her mother was married to a Colonel in the US Army) about her true parentage. To settle any lawsuits or legal troubles, Stark paid her handsomely and gave her a job at Force Works. She excelled and was developing her own exo suit called the MAX armor.

When Stark broke ties with Ultraforce, Jenny tried to join but was refused. Stark found out and kicked her out of Force Works. Jenny stole the Max armor and ended up stopping the Living Laser. Captain Mar Vell and Fury reconsidered and let her join. She renamed her armor Spitfire.

Clint Barton was born into a family of abuse. He and his older brother Barney were the target of an abusive, alcoholic father (Harold) and a mother who didn't care (Edith). Tragedy, or perhaps poetic justice, struck when their parents died in a car accident caused by Clint's father's excessive drinking.

Soon after the accident, Clint and Barney were both put into an orphanage. The two bolted soon after, dreaming of a better life. While on the run, the two fell on the doorstep of a traveling circus. Needing food and shelter, Clint and Barney decided to do odd jobs for the performers.

Two performers, Swordsman and Trickshot, saw potential in Clint and took him under their wing. Trickshot taught Clint archery while Swordsman taught Clint acrobatics and knife throwing. The duo became heroes to Clint as he began to surpass his masters. Though Swordsman and Trickshot weren't the greatest father figures, they were the best the circus had to offer, or so he thought. While doing an odd job for a performer, Clint overheard that a great sum of money had been stolen from the ringmaster the night before. Clint thought little of this until he saw Swordsman with an inordinately large sum of money and wondered if his hero could have been the thief the night before. He questioned his mentor and got the answer he was dreading; Swordsman had indeed stolen the money. Swordsman was quick to offer Clint a cut of the ill gotten cash if he could keep his mouth shut, but he refused and was soon chased, beaten and left for dead by the Swordsman. Unable to handle the pain he felt, Clint bolted again.

Clint ended up under the purview of Nick Fury. His wide array of knowledge of weapons mastery was an asset that Fury could use. Forge created the Ultiweapon for him. It was a transformable weapon that normally took the visage of a sword but could transform into a bow, 2 small swords, an axe, or a mace. Clint jumped at the chance to join Ultraforce and stuck with with it even when his best friend Steve Rogers quit.

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The Black Panther is the ceremonial title given to the chief of the Panther Tribe of the advanced African nation of Wakanda. In addition to ruling the country, he is also chief of its various tribes (collectively referred to as the Wakandas). The Panther habit is a symbol of office (head of state) and is used even during diplomatic missions. The Panther is a hereditary title, but one still must earn it.

In the distant past, a meteorite made of the (fictional) vibration-absorbing mineral vibranium crashed in Wakanda, and was unearthed. Reasoning that outsiders would exploit Wakanda for this valuable resource, the ruler at the time, King T'Chaka, like his father and other Panthers before him, concealed his country from the outside world. T'Chaka's first wife, T'Challa's birth mother N'Yami, died while in labor with T'Challa, so T'Challa would be raised by his father and his father's second wife Ramonda, at least until T'Chaka was murdered by the adventurer Ulysses Klaw. With his people still in danger, a young T'Challa used Klaw's sound weapon on him, gravely injuring him and forcing him to flee. Around the same time, his stepmother Ramonda visited her old home in South Africa. While on this trip she was kidnapped and taken prisoner by Anton Pretorius (T'Challa would not learn of this until years later).

T'Challa was next in line to be the king of Wakanda and Black Panther, but until he was ready to become the leader of the nation, his uncle S'yan, T'Chaka's younger brother, successfully passed the trials to become the Black Panther. While on his Wakandan walkabout rite of passage, T'Challa met and fell in love with apparent orphaned teen Ororo Munroe, who would grow up to become the X-Men member Storm. The two broke off their relationship due to his desire to avenge his father's death and to become the type of man who could suitably lead Wakanda, but they would see each other over the years when they could.

T'Challa earned the title and attributes of the Black Panther by defeating the various champions of the Wakandan tribes. One of his first acts was to disband and exile the Hatut Zeraze—the Wakandan secret police—and its leader, his adopted brother Hunter the White Wolf. Later, to keep peace, he picked dora milaje ("adored ones") from rival tribes to serve as his personal guard and ceremonial wives-in-training. He then studied abroad for a time before returning to his kingship.

Soon after Stark and Mar Vell approached him about joining the Ultraforce, an idea he enjoyed immensely. Panther was also one of the only participants of Phase I to graduate to Phase II.

Princess Zarda of Earth-712 lived on Utopia Isle, a small island in the southern sea, untouched by outside civilization. The Utopians believe themselves to be the result of genetic experimentation conducted upon Homo sapiens by the alien Kree; they are, indeed, the equivalent on the Squadron's Earth of the Inhumans. While the rest of Homo sapiens were making flint spearheads, the Utopians developed an advanced culture based on peace, fellowship and experience or learning. On their little island community, people knew no poverty, injustice, war, crime, or sexual discrimination. After the outside world made the first atom bomb, the Utopians believed their way of life was in jeopardy. Building a starship, they left Earth to find a new home. Princess Zarda chose to remain behind as their sole emissary to the earth, a role she had assumed some years earlier as Thundra. During this time, she was a member of the World War II team known as the Golden Agency, along with fellow members American Eagle and Professor Imam, the Sorcerer Supreme of the Squadron's Earth.

It was during the Kree Invasion that saw the capture of a Kree ship transporting several cryogenically frozen specimen. As they were thawed out, Zarda awakened to a world under siege by the people who imprisoned her and experimented on her. In SHIELD's custody she was offered an opportunity to do good once again as Thundra of Ultraforce.

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Damn. This is pretty awesome!

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Kurt Wagner was born with certain unusual physical characteristics, but his power of self-teleportation did not emerge until puberty. Margali Szardos, a sorceress and gypsy queen, was his mother. She was betrothed to Azazel and after their dark marriage managed to banish Azazel from this dimension. Margali took the baby to the small Bavarian circus where she worked as a fortuneteller, as a cover for her activities as a sorceress. Wagner was never legally adopted by anyone, but was raised by all the members of the circus, who had no prejudices against mutants. Margali acted as Kurt's unofficial foster mother.

Kurt grew up happily in the circus, and his two closest friends were Margali's daughter Amanda. Long before his teleportation power emerged, Wagner had tremendous natural agility, and by his adolescence he had become the circus' star acrobat and aerial artist. Circus audiences assumed that he was a normal-looking human wearing a devil-like costume.

Years later, the Texas millionaire Arnos Jardine, who ran a large circus based in Florida, heard of the circus for which Wagner worked and bought it. Jardine intended to move its best acts into his American circus; however, he demanded that Wagner be placed in the circus' freak show. Margali cast a spell on him and Jardine fell in love with her. They were later married and Jardine accepted Wagner as one of his own.

Sometime later, after the circus was met with rousing success, Jardine discovered that his wife was seeing....well a demon. Her spell broken, Jardine attempted to kill Azazel and was. in turn, killed. Margali fled with Azazel and Amanda, leaving Kurt to inherit Jardine's fortune.

Wagner became a Howard Hughes like recluse. He sought validation in several avenues, ultimately pursuing and becoming part of the priesthood. Wagner sat in his tower overlooking New York's Hell's Kitchen. Daily he sought to reconcile the passion of a loving God who would let His children fall into such entropic decay. He decided to put action to his thoughts. He decided to bring justice to the meek.

So what could a death defying acrobat who looked like Satan call himself? Using his vast fortune, he started repelling evil economically by bringing ventures to impovirished areas and physically as the demon of downtown, the Daredevil!


Jack Magniconte was the star quarterback for the New York Jets, dubbed "Mr. Magnificent" by the press. His childhood friend, Simon Williams (one of the science team of Force Works), designed a machine to enhance muscle mass and asked him to be his first test subject.

The ionic fusion device infused Magniconte's body with ionic energy soaking into every molecule. This gave him control over the ionic energy. His powers are tested, and he is shown to have great superhuman strength and durability. His football career over, He now concentrates his energies as part of the Force Works Strike Team.


The Moon Knight is a mysterious member of the LA enforcement gang, the Night Shift. They patrol the streets they perform heroic tasks, but no one knows who belongs or how many there are. Known members include: The Shroud, Moon Knight, and Ronin.


Jack Monroe was born in Naugatuck, Connecticut. He became an adventurer and the partner of Jeff Mace, the second Captain America, who had assumed the identity of Steve Rogers in the 1950s. The two were given a Super-Soldier-esque drug called the Infinity Formula. After operating together for some time as Bucky and Captain America, respectively, the two were placed in suspended animation. The two superheroes are reawakened decades after being put in suspended animation. In their delusional state, the man and teenager who were the 1950s Captain America and Bucky attempt to kill the original Captain America.

They regain their wits, but Jeff is killed in the ensuing battle with Zemo's forces. Jack returns to SHIELD to become the governments version of Captain America, the USAgent. As Agent, Jack also leads Freedom Force, a group of patriotically themed super-heroes that operate as government agents.


In the year 2000, Dr. Bruce Banner was promoted to the US's Super Soldier project. Interest in the project had re-ignited after the revival of Captain America. Banner posited that Gamma radiation, delivered to tissue could increase muscle mass endurance and density. The only missing part of the equation was the delivery system. To do so by steroid could cause the muscle to distort and warp, creating monsters. If medication was used, saturation problems could occur. Banner theorized that a viral delivery system could not only keep the Gamma radiation in the system, but control the burst in such a way as to be stable.

Banner co-created the virus known as the Hormonal Lymphomorsis Catalyst (HLC), with Dr. Samuel Sterns. Sterns was an independently wealthy scientist. He came up with most of the backing and even brought in another investor. They cultivated the first round of the virals and had a test show for the military. In attendance were Banner, Sterns, General Ross, Dr. Betsy Ross, AAG Jenifer Walters, and the test subject.

Banner saw that the subject was not the one scheduled for the test. He had replaced the one chosen by the military. The subject was, in fact, an employee of Stern's financial backer, Mr. Cage. Banner refused to let the test commence. A struggle ensued and the virus was released. The chamber automatically sealed and all 6 were stuck inside. No one knows what happened over the next week as all six were inside, but upon the 8th day, a giant explosion was followed by the recovery of the Rosses, Walters, and a horribly deformed Sterns. What fate befell the unknown test subject is still not known, but Dr. Bruce Banner has fled, on the run to protect those he loves from his ultimate destiny, and to help those in need as the Incredible Hulk.


A major factor in the well-known tragedies surrounding Heracles is the hatred that the goddess Hera, wife of Zeus, had for him. A full account of Heracles must render it clear why Heracles was so tormented by Hera, when there were many illegitimate offspring sired by Zeus. Heracles was the son of the affair Zeus had with the mortal woman Alcmene. Zeus made love to her after disguising himself as her husband, Amphitryon, home early from war (Amphitryon did return later the same night, and Alcmene became pregnant with his son at the same time, a case of heteropaternal superfecundation, where a woman carries twins sired by different fathers). Thus, Heracles' very existence proved at least one of Zeus' many illicit affairs, and Hera often conspired against Zeus' mortal offspring as revenge for her husband's infidelities. His twin mortal brother, son of Amphitryon, was Iphicles, father of Heracles' charioteer Iolaus.

On the night the twins Heracles and Iphicles were to be born, Hera, knowing of her husband Zeus' adultery, persuaded Zeus to swear an oath that the child born that night to a member of the House of Perseus would become High King. Hera did this knowing that while Heracles was to be born a descendant of Perseus, so too was Eurystheus. Once the oath was sworn, Hera hurried to Alcmene's dwelling and slowed the birth of the twins Heracles and Iphicles by forcing Ilithyia, goddess of childbirth, to sit crosslegged with her clothing tied in knots, thereby causing the twins to be trapped in the womb. Meanwhile, Hera caused Eurystheus to be born prematurely, making him High King in place of Heracles. She would have permanently delayed Heracles' birth had she not been fooled by Galanthis, Alcmene's servant, who lied to Ilithyia, saying that Alcmene had already delivered the baby. Upon hearing this, she jumped in surprise, loosing the knots and inadvertently allowing Alcmene to give birth to Heracles and Iphicles.

Fear of Hera's revenge led Alcmene to expose the infant Heracles, but he was taken up and brought to Hera by his half-sister Athena, who played an important role as protectress of heroes. Hera did not recognize Heracles and nursed him out of pity. Heracles suckled so strongly that he caused Hera pain, and she pushed him away. Her milk sprayed across the heavens and there formed the Milky Way. But with divine milk, Heracles had acquired supernatural powers. Athena brought the infant back to his mother, and he was subsequently raised by his parents.

The child was originally given the name Alcides by his parents; it was only later that he became known as Heracles. He was renamed Heracles in an unsuccessful attempt to mollify Hera. He and his twin were just eight months old when Hera sent two giant snakes into the children's chamber. Iphicles cried from fear, but his brother grabbed a snake in each hand and strangled them. He was found by his nurse playing with them on his cot as if they were toys. Astonished, Amphitryon sent for the seer Tiresias, who prophesied an unusual future for the boy, saying he would vanquish numerous monsters.

And so, there were many stories....tales.....legends....

Taking the name Hercules, he came into his position of a god in the Pantheon of Olympus. His troubles were not over. The oracle at Delphi cried out to Zeus, foretelling of the fall of Olympus by Chronos and Saturn. The gates of Tartarus would be torn asunder, and the gods would be powerless to save Earth. For this, Hercules was sent back to Earth to form a group of the greatest heroes of the day to stop the dread prophecy. Joined by his brother at arms and also fellow god, Thor, the two have begun assembling the 12 heroes needed to form the Immortal Defenders.


A secretive wing of the government group SHIELD called the ORB decided to create their own superheroes. They patterned their agents after spiders. The ORb was shut down after their true agenda to create super powered sleeper assains was uncovered. Several of the agents were re-acclimated into SHIELD such as Black Widow and Spider Woman, and this lady. Val Cooper met college friend Julia Carpenter in Julia's hometown of Denver, and convinced her to be part of an "athletic study". She was unknowingly a test subject in their experiments. During the experiment, they "accidentally" injected Julia with a mix of spider venom and exotic plant extracts, which gave Julia powers very similar to those of Spider-Man. Whereas Spider-man's powers were not physical in nature, Arachne's are.


Mark Hazzard's father was a career soldier who was very demanding of Mark; although Mark was generally very successful academically and as a football player, his father was perpetually disappointed in him for not being "the best." In high school, Mark met and fell in love with his future wife, Joan. After graduating from high school, he went to West Point, where he was a cadet officer. Fed up with his father's disapproval—notably his disapproval of Joan—Mark dropped out, got married, and enlisted in the United States Army. Hazzard spent three tours in Iraq ironically enough discovering something at which he was, finally, among the best: combat. While "in country," Hazzard met his future accomplices Louis "Treetop" Barrington and Sgt. Major Peel. Returning home, Mark and Joan produced a son, Scotty, but Hazzard coundn't find work. Mark finally became a mercenary, then a mercenary commander. Under Hazzard's leadership, his mercenary crew tended to be more scrupulous than most in its choice of clients. Mark was happy, but his wife wasn't; she gave him an ultimatum, to choose between his life as a merc or their marriage.

After their divorce, Joan married a senator named Gordon, who had a strained relationship with Hazzard. Jealous, Gordon arranged for Hazzard to be sent on a mission in Iran, expecting him to die. Hazzard was rescued by his merc crew, and then investigated his betrayal. Tracking it back to Gordon, Hazzard strangled him.

Hazzard was put on trial, found guilty, and sentenced to die. During transport, his crew, attacked and freed him. As they made their escape, Hazzard saw that Gordon was there....well and alive. Hazzard went to his ex-wife's house, and found the house ransacked, his family missing.

Since that day, Hazzard has spent every waking moment tracking his family, attacking evil, and pursuing Senator Gordon.

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Ya know, no one seems to mess with the Osbornes. Norman is a sort o' screwed up figure. Tragic-like, a Roman emperor if you will. The man comes from money. Built hisself quite the empire in his day. Normally he is what you call one o' them forward thinkin' individuals. So it must have taken him totally by surprise when these, whatdoyacall 'em, Heroes, showed up? Here were people who wouldn't bow to the feet of his power, or respect his wealth, or cater ta his desires.

Musta really burnt Normie's nosehairs sumthin' good too. Norman became obsessed wit' those 'Heroes', kinda like someone would after their best gal breaks up with them. He started doin' all sorts a crazy things. He started building suits o' armor, dabbling in that there ol' black magic, mixing up crazy potions and what not, and even hunting down weapons and such. My guess would be that he was trying to become one hisself. They even had all o' us, his employees, from top execs ta the lowliest of janitors......heh......get bloodwork done and ran us through those whatchmacallit, psyche evals, to see if he could farm any o' us for his projects. That is Normie, always looking two steps ahead.

Kinda surprised they wanted me ta do it, seeing as how I got a record an' all. That's how I failed the psycho....heh....psyche eval. Seems that a man convicted of manslaughter isn't "prime material" fer their little dog and pony show. Anyway, back to Norman. Outta all his gizmos he likened to one more than the rest. Looked like a blamed Halloween costume ta me. They finally had to tell him, (they being the eggheads in R&D with the yellow beekeeper suits) that the project wasn't fee...feas.....doable. Seems, that they were able to make a.....howsitreadhere......synth ....sin...make a copy o' the thing that made the HULK a few years back. Problem is....drove all the subjects plumb crazy. Normie was angry, but he mothballed it in one o' the vaults downstairs. Normie had the foresight to see that he could probably find someone ta use it.

Someone who, I don't know....as a janitor.....has access to the whole flamin' building? Someone who collects all yer trash and has compiled hisself a healthy how to manual to the gizmos and gadgets and whatnots. Someone who doesn't fear goin' crazy......'cuz he has been there, done that. For all yer brains Normie, you overlook the small details, and that's where this devil likes to hide. You, yer Heroes, an' this world will never see ol' Cletus Kasady coming, before it is too late!


A man is standing in the unemployment office. He takes the number "46" and has a seat next to a man of mexican descent, who is vigorously staring at him.

You are wonderin' about my eyes hombre? It's a long story....but since we are both trapped here....

I am no stranger to travelling. Been bounced in and out of foster homes all over North America. Last place I ended up was with a General and his adoring wife. The general demanded discipline, his wife provided unconditional love. I rejected both. I was sent to a military school 'til I was 12, then joined the ROTC, and right out of highschool, I enlisted in the marines which provided me with a wealth of knowledge as I travelled the world defending America's shining shores against those who would do her harm. I came home after my tours were over to find my parents murdered. So, I donned a costume and became the amazing Spiderman.

Nice story....wish it were true. On the level, I can't tell you who I am. What I remember.....what I have been told, is that I was a meth head who suffered an aneurysm, and should be dead, but I am not. While I was in the hospital, that is when they found the cancer, yay! I had 6 months to live.

Here is when the General part actually comes in. Seems a General Clarke from Department H was looking for soon to be zombies for experiments....no joke. I had no idea who I was, I had no idea who I was....had nothing going for me, and if the experiments were a success, I might live. So why the hell not?

They take me to this building, and do all sorts of crap to me. Funny thing is, it worked....mostly. They had installed what they called..."a healing factor" in me, seems they were doing it to a couple other fellas too. Just my luck, my application failed....mostly. The factor they had given me fought and kept the cancer at bay. I wasn't getting better, but I wasn't getting worse. Well, like a good horse, they took me out to pasture and shot me in the head.....no really, they shot me IN THE HEAD! Lucky me, I didn't die.

Along came other uniformed men....great. These guys were Americans, and they told me they could save my life. I told them to stick it up their....and away I go hoisted by their funky flying car to their floating fortress. I eventually give in to their request, and am nursed back to proper health by S[REDACTED] sub group known as O[REDACTED]. Their scientists said they could cure my cancer with a spider venom extract that would target the cancerous cells and kill them. They were going to implant a gland filled with the venom, which after my body was saturated, would continue to produce. They told me there would be side effects....but I didn't expect this....

The first day of treatment....BOOM....I sprout 8 spider legs....ha! Gotcha. I did however notice my timing and reflexes had greatly improved. Also, I gained an extra sensory ability dubbed spider sense. It warns me when bad stuff is about to go down. Then my strength and endurance exponentially explodes....other powers like walking on walls come about, and the cancer is gone. One drawback...black eyes, no pupils, irises...nothing, straight black.

Then, they provide me this outfit. On it are two wrist linkages that actually extrpolate the venom from my veins and convert it to web shooters or venom blasts. My costume also has launching mandibles and webbed underpinnings under my arms that act as gliding devices. Still woulda liked those 8 arms tho...

Well, like everything else in my life....all good things must come to a horrifying conclusion. S[REDACTED] shut the project down, and we all escaped with barely the hair on our chinny chin chins. I did become a superhero....of sorts. I hear that O[REDACTED] is still up and running, they might even be looking for me....who knows? I tell ya....I'm living the American dream....

" No hablo Ingles....."


"Number 46? 46?"

That's me......

"Name sir?"

Wade.....Wade Wilson.


Shang-Chi as a man raised by his father Plan Chu to be the ultimate lackey for the would-be world conqueror. In Shang-Chi's first mission, he killed one of his father's old enemies, Dr. Petrie and learns of Fu Manchu's true, evil nature. Disillusioned, Shang-Chi swore eternal opposition to his father's ambitions and fought him as an agent of British intelligence, under the orders of Nayland Smith.

As part of his continued training, he is sent to the mystic city of K'un L'un. There he meets and befriends Daniel Rand.

The two are exemplary students and are awarded with the chance to fight for the prize of being ordained as the next Iron Fist.

They fight and Chi comes out on top. Daniel leaves to pursue other avenues. (See Ronin)

Chi returns to find his group corrupted by Plan Chu now known as the Yellow Claw. He escapes their clutches and has since been finding a way to exact justice on his father's clan.


The Eternal Cycle is how the Eternals begin again and again. When the twilight for the Eternal race comes, one child is sent out from the fold to return 100 years later to bring the knowledge of the old race to the new. Maakarus was chosen and sent out to space to await his 100 year return. His satellite home was on course until a group of A.I.M. Scientists pulled him to the Earth. Hyperion was in the captivity of A.I.M. learning of the world until he was freed by the Thunderbolts. He now counts his place among them.

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