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Hawkman is a character I don't have much knowledge of outside TV and Wikipedia, but his design is one that has managed to stick with me. It's completely badass, but still kind of goofy. That's one of the reasons I wanted to play around with it a bit.

Since his flight power comes not from his wings but rather the Nth metal in his belt, I based my reinterpretation around that. His "Flight Belt" folds out into armor and wings for stabilization. I took inspiration for his armor design from Warhawk, the son of Green Lantern and Hawkgirl in Batman Beyond.

As for his weapon, I liked continuing his focus on ancient and dark ages melee weapons, but wanted to give it more of a high tech twist to complement the armor and its alien origins. The nightstick clips into the back of the belt, and is charged with solar energy collected by the wings. The gravitational warping properties of the Nth metal then create a containment field for that energy, allowing Hawkman to create the shapes of melee weapons around the night stick.

This idea came to me during the rumors that Retro was working on a Metroid / Star Fox crossover. Though they turned out to be false, I’d really like to see that idea brought to its logical conclusion. I started with the Valiant Comics version, since it only included first party characters. Samus and Pit came from that team, while Fox came from the rumor that inspired this piece. I included Captain Falcon, since I felt somebody needed to inherit Simon's attitude. Link was a must have, and Donkey Kong filled the Hulk role from the Avengers poster as he was a giant, savage force of destruction. Kirby was a bit of an afterthought, taking the role of an explosion in the original poster instead of a character.

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Love the piece, but why no credit for poor Kirby? :P

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That Hawkman looks badass :D

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@ZZoMBiE13: Mainly because I was matching the credits to the characters from the original Avengers movie poster I based this on (Mother Brain in the place of Loki), but also because Kirby was added last minute when I notice the flaming debris spot could be used to squeeze in one more character.