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Hello! My name is Charlie and I'm a member of staff over at http://dc2universe.net/, a fan fiction site that posts books every Wednesday. I've been lurking on the fan fiction forum and have recently let everyone know what we're all about, and I thought I would post here to let any interested artists know that we're always looking to collaborate with creative folk on our titles, not only on stories, but on covers too!

Cover by Joey Jarin
Cover by Brandon Herren

For the last eight years or so our "Art Department" has been working on a variety of covers featuring a variety of characters, and we're searching for new, interested parties that might want to contribute to the site!

Costumes are usually "classic" (though some have a modern twist!) but if you want to put a new spin on established characters that's cool too. Artists and writers can work closely together, coming up with stellar layouts and interior art too, that's entirely up to you and what you're interested in.

Cover by Jamie Rimmer
Cover by Matt Erkhart

Anyway, if you're interested, head over to the site and say hello in our Open Forum! Share some art, let us know which characters you love and what titles you might want to do a cover for!

Have a great day,


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@houseofmystery: Do you have a Marvel equivalent? And is that even legal?

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Hey @jeanralphio, it's all non-profit, free-to-read fan fiction! Copyright is all theirs (DC) we're just taking fan fiction and fan art and combining the two in a cool package. 2014 will be our ninth year and we've had some great contributors since day one!

We're wholly DC at the minute but if you'd like to post up some Marvel work we'd love to see it?

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So, just to confirm, as legal as fan fiction gets!

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@jeanralphio: I have done, sir! Lots of cool stuff going on.

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@houseofmystery: So anyone can join to be a cover artist? Any art level?? And I noticed that all the covers on the site are perfectly colored, Is that a requirement? Coloring the covers???

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@keroga: If you have a passion for the characters, that's what we're looking for. Any art level, as long as you care! Colouring is not a requirement, no.

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@houseofmystery: Ah Ok good! Am not good at coloring (as far as i know lol, Feel free to check my sketches on my account.)

So do I just make an account on the DC2 site and post my sketches on a thread?

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@keroga: That would be fantastic, mate. I look forward to seeing your stuff!