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Apache Chief Aquaman Bane Batgirl
Batman Black Adam Black Andromeda Black Canary Black Lightning
Black Manta Black Vulcan Captain Atom Captain Cold Catgirl Clayface The Comedian Commander Steel Copperhead Darkstar
Ozymandias Rorscach Nite Owl Dr Gotham Deadshot Dr Light Fernus the Burning Firestorm Giganta Green Lantern
The Guardian Gypsy Harley Quinn Hawk & Dove Hourman The Huntress Impulse Lady Barracuda Loose Cannon The Martian Manhunter
Merlyn Metamorpho Mr Zsasz Ms Freeze Nightwing Owlman Plasticman Poison Ivy Power Girl Psycho Pirate Red Lantern Red Tornado Robin Savitar Captain Marvel Silk Spectre Darkseid Solomon Grundy Star Sapphire Superboy
Superman Superwoman Arrow Atom Black Mask Cheetah Flash Joker The Mad Hatter Parasite The Monarch Scarecrow The Sentinel Toyman The Ventriloquist Green Arrow Stargirl Steel Red Robin Red X
Supergirl Beast Boy Shazam Aqualad Ms Martian Blue Beetle Wondergirl Hawkman Flash II Two-Face Ultraman Vibe Wonder Woman

For the full story: http://frischdvh.deviantart.com/gallery/

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Nice work.

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Very cool. Great work and I applaud your dedication and the hard work paid off. I like all the different spins on the heroes and villains. I would say the only one that is really off is Captain Atom. The stars on the suit do not fit him. I'd love to see some Marvel characters too. Overall, great work and specifically the coloring is really good. You got talent.

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Wow such an incredible amount of work here! Thanks for sharing these, they're awesome :)

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@blackdog2009: In Revolt, Cap Atom basically is the result of a WWII experiment. Being a government creation they draped him in a flag to bolster support for the war.

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Nice stuff.

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Great stuff and very inspiring collection. Makes me wish I had the time to pull a collection like this together. How long would you say this took you to compile?

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Excellent work with these.

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Love that you choose some obscure characters: Loose Cannon for one! Apache Chief was a little too Incan/Mayan for me but overrall these are excellent! Good job

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@redscare: Histories and all....well my first posting was April 11 2012....so probably March 2012 til now. 17 months....