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I'm working on a new comic book project, and I'm looking for a new artist (or artists).

You can see the full details over here, but I'm looking for people to give me their artistic take on the character, and pick the best!

Happy contesting


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did you ever find an artist?  if your still looking i sent you an email and if you didnt get it go to www.jasonmadams.com.

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I would do it but first I would like to know what the comic is about!!!

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iight maybe i can get the boyz at D comics Inc to go back to work

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I work for free, but all the guys would look extremely femanine (possibly because i won't hire male models who have bodily hair or weight more than me). lol.

Try posting your stuff on DeviantArt. You'll have a better time finding free artists there. Looks like what you need the most is someone who's good at background art rather than character art.

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sign me up