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Ok guys! The moment you've been waiting for is here! The long awaited team up of the artist show off and the fan fic forums!

This month's script was written by @batkevin78

Panel one: Azrael chasing after Captain Boomerang.

Panel two: Captain Boomerang throwing “Go back to Gotham!”

Panel three: Azrael ducking, explosion behind him

Panel four: Azrael drawing swords or popping arms blades (depends on which Azrael you draw)

Panel five: Azrael leaping tackle at Captain Boomerang

Panel six: Azrael coming down hard on Captain Boomerang, blades through shoulder blades, blood, sparks etc. SFX: SHUKT!

Draw a one page comic based on this script. The winner will be voted upon and will then choose another script to base the next competition on.

Entries close 9th November.

@shatterstar could you pin this please?

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Sorry, it was submitted by @batkevin74

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Nice, hope this works out.

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Cool, it'll be interesting to see what people come up with for this!

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Such a massive response....oh well!

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You know what... I'll give it a shot.

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I'm in..! Trying to balance my time to enter a few challenges that are going on with other work on my plate, but this should be fun!

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5 or so days left, seems the dream of Artists & Fan Fic'ers working together was just that. Oh well, next time gadget

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Sadly this gets doomed by the amount of time and effort that it requires. Also the trick starts with the hook, the hook being the motivation of the theme subject. That was a challenge for me every time I started one of these things. I tried to simplify the theme and leave the artist as much room as possible to express his or her creativity. I also removed myself from this to see if it would breath some life on it's own but sadly I think The Crank Contest days are numbered. It was a good idea for giving artists a place to flex their story telling muscles but the interest in this just doesn't seem to be enough.

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It's a shame because pretty much all of the work a comic artist will do is sequential and story telling so this was a good way to experiment in that form. But yeah I get that it takes a lot more time than a pin up.

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48hrs to go give or take. It was a bold idea

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Well unfortunately this thread despite a month's timeframe and a different twist on the contest's concept didn't pan out. Any ideas on what can be improved/changed to generate more interest in this contest or should it be retired?

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@shatterstar: Let it go. Try again another month with someone elses script

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