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Poll: Crank Those Panels # 27 Trinity War *Voting* (10 votes)

bennyq 50%

Alrighty then, Time for a little voting, c'mon a little applause for these talented rising story-telling artists!



Voting ends Sunday 1st

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...took care of it for you, hope you don't mind. :p

Can you please pin, thanks!

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Keroga is just so funny XD

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Both entries are great :) This was such a tough one :O

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Keroga :)

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Looks like @bennyq is the winner! Take it away Benny!

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@bennyq need help starting the next thread or want Keroga to take over? I'm guessing one thing thats become clearer about this contest series is more time is needed for these. If you wanted to integrate the idea of a round robin aspect and get one of CV's writers to script a page, that'd be cool too I think. Up to you though, you won.