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Crank Those Panels # 26 Thor vs Rachel Summers *Voting Thread* (20 votes)

Keroga 75%
GODofART 25%

They came and they conquered.

Here are there wonderful entries:



Voting Ends on August 2, 2013

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Honestly, I would have voted GODofART, except that the F-bombs are out of character for a Marvel comic. Went with Keroga.

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@cbishop: thanks, perhaps i should of censored myself here...

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language. Art was better for GodofArt though.

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@godofart: I'm no prude, but when I look at Marvel/DC fics or art, it's one of the things I look at. They don't allow it, so I ding it when considering it for a vote. <shrugs> Gotta make a decision somehow. ;}

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@cbishop: Its cool, i learned my lesson from this and from now on i will keep my comic book pages pg 13 on this site and upload the uncensored versions to my deviantart page or whatever LOL :D

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LOL for Keroga

#8 Edited by IcePrince_X (4629 posts) - - Show Bio is up! The winner is KEROGA!


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Yeah way to go Keroga! Good job dude! :D

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