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Here we go again, a couple of goodies to choose from. Wanted to thank the last contest contributors directly, Keroga, Decepto and Raven!!! Hope I get Feather and Chudd to also join in in this next one!! : P

For this next endevour I gave you a couple of choices, you can create your own page using both characters together or just follow the story pages I provided.

I realize that Plastic Man had a contest recently but not as a full page layout, thought it would be fun!

Happy Drawing!!!!

Deadline Feb 14th

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@RamsIllustrations: Great choices Looks like it should be fun. Hopefully you will get more artists to contribute.

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soo we cant enter an entry for both characters??? i would enjoy that..just saying

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i meant for each character have its own layoutentry

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hahahaha! couldn't decide could u!

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I'll do my best! *salutes*

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Having a new profile limits me to 5 comments a day. I have waited and still cannot post through my new profile and wanted to answer you guys. I guess DavidR will be resurrected for the moment until my other profile catches up. : )

@Decept-O: I agree, hope you add your talents to this one!


I leave free reign on creativity to the artist, as always I just ask that you use the characters provided and that it's a story layout. Other than that you can create your own story and use both characters in it. Or as you suggested if you want to practice both pages. That will be valid in the voting stage as long as it's part of a story and not a splash page.


Creeper entry from you? : )

@M.S. Feather:

Don't want to impose but I would love to see your take on this, I made sure the contest was tailored towards you. Hehehe....

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the creepers gonna have his work cut out for him. lol

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@DavidR: I was incredibly bummed out about missing the previous Plastic Man contest so this should help me get over it and I'm flattered you had me in mind when you were choosing the characters. ^^'
Here's the linework for Vashnu in my first panel.  ...The thought of having to add backgrounds makes me sort of depressed.
@chudd: Dang, that's already looking awesome!  Great angle.
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Can't wait! Looks great already!

@M.S. Feather:

Lovin it! Sweet ink job! Backgrounds, aaaw, I know u can do them, I have faith in you! :)

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(panel 1-2: plasticman finds ray palmers injured body)(panel 3:plasticman races across the rooftops with ray in hand for medical attention)(panel 4: plasticman is stopped in his tracks as he is pulled back)(panel 5:Solomon Grundy has stopped plasticman with his strengh)
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Love ur interpretation of Plasticman, good work bud!

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@KEROGA: Haha, that's a great splash page to end it with.
I bet Plas tastes like Laffy Taffy. :D
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@chudd: Holy Cannoli! That is looking great thus far.

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WoW! I'm excited to see the final version, love it!

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Excellent job!
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Ended up huge and looks like crap, but I feel I might get some lookers just because of the "style" I went with.

For the record I've seen this sort of thing done in comics before so my thing isn't a new idea, just something I'm trying out.

Click to view gif
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@Decoy Elite:

Cool! You got creative and I like it! (8 )

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@RamsIllustrations: Thanks. Got the idea from a page from a webcomic called "Dead Winter" although it obviously pulls it off a lot better(the individual panels actually have movement in them and such so it flows really well)

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Ok here's my practice piece. Been kinda busy but the deadline is approaching and I need to focus on this. Hope Feather is still joining in and I know Raven has had tons of work cut into his extra time.

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@RamsIllustrations: oh man, that is the coolest Creeper I ever did see. He's got that Joker insane look with that trademark mane. :)

very nice work

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.....what did you do to his face......... It is very skillfully done work even if it's not my taste

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Thanks man, wanted to give him more a creepy guy in drag look, hehehe, than just making another scary character.


I looked around and he has quite a few different looks to him, at the moment that one is the one I posted from experiments but I have more versions, not sure which one will come out in my story page. I just have fun and if it looks cool to me I follow through and finish it, I am guessing you are a Creeper fan and may not like my version, Hehehe, sorry if that's the case...

Oh and BTW, he's got his eye on u! : P

Since I need at least a day more to complete mine and I am really looking forward to Feathers entry, she has been busy with personal matters and asked to have an extension until next week. I hope I do not inconvenience anyone but have moved it to the 14th, I will have mine sooner and possibly extra art I am looking to post. Thanks for being patient.

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So far this is where I am at, hope to b done soon.

Congrats to Chud, he just emailed me, got hired by CCP comics in January, way to go Chud!!!

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@RamsIllustrations: great news about Chud and those panels are coming out most excellent. Your ability to make hair or fur look so dynamic is amazing :)

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Thanks tonis, hair wasn't one of the things I was putting much effort in as is evident in some of my past drawings but I am finally getting around to it and glad you noticed. There was plenty of hair to play with on this page. (8 P

My focus lately has been about telling a better story without words, hope that's improving too...

Heading to work but should be done with this pretty soon after I get back.

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@RamsIllustrations: Wow nice work, and congrats to Chud, any idea what he'll be working on?

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@RamsIllustrations: ...I think this may be my favorite contest entry ever.  Your Plas looks so graceful in his movements and the panels are fluid.  The creepy twist at the end was cool too!  I love everything about it and it's not even finished.  Much love. ~<3
@chudd: Congrats!  I wish you much success. : )
Very disappointed with my entry.  Going to bed.
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@M.S. Feather: lol, I don't know exactly what happened but I can't stop laughing at the expressions on everyones face XD

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@M.S. Feather said:

Very disappointed with my entry. Going to bed.

don't be, its grate

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@M.S. Feather: Lol this is soooo good!!!

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@M.S. Feather:

I really like it!!! It can really be a big challenge whether you are doing this for the first time or already have experience. I can tell whats going on and I love your style.

On my end I am getting too tired to finish it properly but you get the idea. I really only have to finish the top panel correctly and put the finishing touches but it won't be tonight, last few days have been very long dealing with work related stuff.

I will have the contest up later tonight or in the morning. Thanks to all you guys that entered this one, as always I appreciate it !!!

Ok, that top panel didn't work for me and did a quick revision and hope the story flows better...

Inked version here...http://www.comicvine.com/forums/artist-show-off/4/plastic-man-and-the-creeper-inked/654155/